Health insurance is mandatory in Switzerland. The law in Switzerland regarding health insurance (LAMal), requires that anyone who stays in Switzerland for one semester (90 days or more) must provide proof of being enrolled in a policy with an acknowledged Swiss health insurance provider. Please note that dental care is not included in the compulsory health insurance in Switzerland. Visiting summer students who enter Switzerland for fewer than 90 days are considered tourists and should inquire about extending their existing (home) medical coverage to understand their treatment options internationally. Travel insurance may also be an option, and Franklin recommends that visitors carefully review the terms of the policies they select.

For students who plan to attend Franklin for one semester or more: to comply with LAMal, Franklin University Switzerland has established a contract with a well-known Swiss health insurance company to cover illness and injury-related expenses.

Non-EU/EFTA residents

Franklin strongly recommends that all students who are non-EU/EFTA residents enroll with our Student Care Policy (Option 1). The policy and the costs for full coverage can be reviewed in either Swiss francs or US dollars depending upon one’s account with the University on the student enrollment portal.

Students without EU citizenship who hold an EHIC while residing in EU/EFTA countries are required to enroll with Student Care Policy (Option 1).

Franklin’s primary policy (Option 1) is specifically created to satisfy Canton Ticino's requirements and Franklin students' needs for quality health insurance coverage and qualifies for a Swiss exemption from the compulsory health insurance (LAMal) requirement. This policy provides quality health insurance coverage at a lower cost than Franklin’s second policy (Option 2), which includes the basic universal coverage set by the LAMal and complementary therapy methods. Option 1 does not include coverage for complementary therapy methods.

Within a few days of arriving on campus, students must sign the official Swiss form (TI 6.3A). This form must be sent to Canton Ticino's local governmental office in order for the student to be legally insured under Franklin’s policy Option 1. The Coordinator of Student Health Insurance and Administrative Services will process this form on students’ behalf once they are on campus.

Only foreign students (Non-EU/EFTA residents) who apply for a Swiss residency permit for study purposes are eligible to select Franklin’s policy Option 1. To be able to proceed with the Swiss residency permit application, students must enter Switzerland according to legal entry requirements by having their Swiss entry visa affixed inside their passports.

During their time at Franklin, students will benefit from student services in the Office of Student Life including assistance in the process of legalization (permit and health insurance enrollment and cancellation). Franklin staff will manage the payment of students’ medical bills, which Franklin will pay up front and then charge individual students’ accounts accordingly.  

Alternatively, foreign students have the right to apply for an exemption from the compulsory Swiss health insurance requirement by providing proof confirming that they benefit from high-quality private health insurance. Please note: travel insurance does not meet this requirement.

The request for an exemption must be submitted prior to one's arrival at Franklin and precludes students from enrolling in Franklin’s Option 1 policy. Option 1 is the more convenient and less expensive option for Franklin students during their stay.

More details are available on the student enrollment portal. Please carefully read the EXEMPTION Document or refer to an Admissions counselor.

EU/EFTA residents

Students with EU nationality residing in one of the EU/EFTA countries should contact their home country’s health department before entering Switzerland and ask for the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in case they do not have one already or in the event their existing EHIC has expired.

The Coordinator of Student Health Insurance and Administrative Services at Franklin will assist students, in accordance with GDPR and local LPD, to facilitate access to the Swiss health care system while they are enrolled as students.

Students holding the EHIC with NO EU/EFTA nationality are subject to the compulsory Swiss health insurance system. Except for those who reside in Germany, the EHIC CANNOT be used in Switzerland.

For additional important details, please refer to the student enrollment portal and carefully read the “EHIC legalization while in Switzerland” document with information for both EU/EFTA residents or refer to an Admissions counselor.

Swiss Residents

Swiss residents should contact their Swiss health insurance provider and ask for a copy of the official "Insurance Confirmation Enrollment Letter.”

Additionally, if foreign students are moving to Ticino from another Swiss canton and school, they must upload a copy of their policy on the student enrollment portal for verification from Franklin.

When privately enrolled in the mandatory Swiss health insurance system, students must maintain their existing coverage and inform the health insurance provider of the change of their cantonal address.

Please check the student enrollment portal for more details and upload documentation on the portal before arriving for new student orientation.


Updated 26 July 2023