Franklin’s 10,000 alumni — entrepreneurs, researchers, policymakers, and above all, leaders — have helped to shape the world we know today. Many of them remain deeply involved in the life of the university. They volunteer, serve on boards, follow regional alumni clubs, and generously support Franklin’s students, faculty, and staff. As individuals, their contributions are extraordinary. As a community, their impact is substantial.

Alumni News and Updates

Alumni Spotlight: Samuel Miller ‘17 – What Living Out of a Suitcase Taught Me

Living out of a box on wheels can really change the way you see the world, and Samuel Miller, Class of 2017, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, knows this better than anyone.

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Alumni Spotlight: Brandon Berdecia BA ’16 and MSIM ’17 Working at Charles Schwab

Class of 2016 BA and 2017 MSIM Alumnus Brandon Berdecia is now working at Charles Schwab in New York City as a Client Relationship Specialist.

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Alumni Spotlight: Guido Schlembach ‘08 – The Alumni Circle of Support

For Guido Schlembach ’08, founding and managing his own successful company was not just the result of the skills and knowledge he earned from his Franklin education, but also from the close-knit international network of alumni that he found as a student.

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