The Scholarships Without Borders (SWB) program is supported by FUS in collaboration with Swiss cantonal bodies, foundations, and private donors around the world. Further development requires more support in the form of funds, personal engagement, and the spreading of awareness of the SWB cause so that we can give more students a second chance in life.

There are many ways in which you can get involved: you can donate funds, time, resources, and/or knowledge. This will help Franklin sustain the SWB program and ensure its continuous growth.

Donate to the SWB Fund

One of the most straightforward ways to support the SWB program is by making a financial donation.

The funds you donate will help us maintain the quality of the program and give us the means to expand it. All donations to the SWB fund are tax deductible in Switzerland and/or in the US.

For more information on how to give, see Ways to Give to Franklin University Switzerland. Please indicate that you would like your donation to go to the “SWB Program”.

Donate Time and/or Resources to the SWB Program

You can also donate your expertise, knowledge, and/or time. We particularly welcome:

  • Support and expertise on how to integrate the SWB initiative program into the wider Swiss and European policy framework

  • Contributions to our leadership academy events, designed to discuss human rights and the rebuilding of war-torn countries

  • Contributions to our summer workshop on best practices in the ares of refugee scholarships

Student Support Group

The SWB program also relies on volunteer support from the Franklin student community. Franklin student volunteers support individual SWB students, initiate and organize fundraising events, and spread awareness in the Franklin community, in Switzerland and beyond. Student volunteers are an essential link between the SWB students, their advisors, and the program directors.

This is what students have said about their involvement in the SWB program:

Working with the SWB program as a mentor is a promising opportunity for involvement in the academic lives of new members of the Franklin Community. It is rewarding to know that I can use my previous experiences, both academic and social, at Franklin University to make sure new students have a positive experience here. I am aware of the hardships the participating students of the SWB program have endured, and as a fellow student, I consider the community's involvement crucial to the process of making Franklin University Switzerland a second home. I am very optimistic about the program, and am sure that current and future SWB students will be an invaluable addition to the institution. Karolina Sotomayor, Class of 2017

After working with an Iraqi refugee family for a year in my hometown of Pittsburgh, I want to use that experience to contribute to Franklin's Scholarships Without Borders program. I have seen that financial support from the government is only a small component in determining a refugee's relative success. The most significant impact can come from a small community giving their time in order to meet the daily needs of the student, both inside and outside of the classroom. I care a lot about the communities that I am a part of, whether it be my hometown or my university, and therefore my involvement is a way to pass on the positive experiences I've had at Franklin. I know that the selected students will be an asset to our international campus and stimulate positive conversation. Marina Lorenzini, Class of 2016

Franklin’s Scholarships Without Borders program is putting theory and talk into action. As a global community, and a global citizen, both Franklin University and I have a duty to the world, to help other human beings as we see fit. Getting an education is one of the most important things a person could do for themselves as well as for their community. Personally, as a student at FUS, I have learned and grown outside of myself and my ‘American’ perspective, and I am here to help everyone I come in contact with to do the same. I believe that everyone at our school deserves to be treated equally and have the same opportunities, and if I can be involved firsthand in an initiative that meets those needs, then there is nothing else I would rather do. Genevieve Totten, Class of 2017

Getting involved in a program such as SWB seemed like common sense to me. Too often we are consumed by a feeling of hopelessness— a feeling that we are not powerful enough as individuals to make a large scale difference in the world. Before participating in the SWB program, the refugee crisis was a distant problem with which my only connection was a newspaper headline. Realising that this global issue resides in my own community has allowed me the chance to contribute to the cause by fostering meaningful connections and making a sustained impact. As a student at FUS, I am interested in developing as a global citizen and broadening my perspective. The SWB program not only allows for the application of Franklin’s  core values of cross-cultural competency and social responsibility but also for growth on a personal level for all parties involved. I cannot think of a better way to make use of my education. Amanda Brown, Class of 2017

If you would like to get involved in any capacity, please email

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