Relocating to a new place can often be a daunting and overwhelming journey, filled with uncertainties and endless questions. You're not just transitioning to a new home; you're adapting to a whole new culture, lifestyle, and environment. While every individual's experience is unique, there's no doubt that a little guidance can make a world of difference in smoothing out the bumps along the way. And who better to provide that guidance than those who have already walked the path you're about to embark on?

This is where Hannah Rose and Haya come into the picture. Both made the decision to leave their home countries and venture to Ticino to pursue their educational goals at Franklin University Switzerland. From the best places to eat and shop, to the nuances of local culture and etiquette, their blog offers a wealth of insider knowledge. Their intention is not just to provide a list of recommendations, but to give you a glimpse into their own journey - the mistakes they made, the shortcuts they discovered, and the memories they created.

Hannah Rose and Haya

Exploring Lugano

Interested in hiking or a weekend stroll? Looking for the best or most convenient restaurants in town? Maybe a day at the museum is what you are searching for. Check out these and many other activities recommended by Hannah Rose and Haya in Lugano and its surrounding areas.

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Transport and Useful Apps

Learn all about the state-of-the-art Swiss public transport system from an active user. Here you can find useful information including available services, companies, apps, and even phone numbers to call.

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Tips for integration

From thinking outside the box and leaving your comfort zone to building solid support networks, Hannah Rose and Haya's blog explores the ins and outs of moving abroad. Accompanied by inspirational quotes for much-needed perspective when far from home.

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