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AHT 102 Introduction to Art History and Visual Culture I: Antiquity to Early Renaissance
AHT 103 Introduction to Art History and Visual Culture II: High Renaissance to Contemporary Art
AHT 280 Contemporary Art: From the New York School to the Present
AHT 357 Art Market Studies: From Renaissance Commissions to Online Auctions
BIO 102 Introduction to Biology: Cell and Animal Biology
BIO 102L Introduction to Biology: Cell and Animal Biology Lab
BIO 310 Ecology
BUS 115 Financial Accounting
BUS 135 Introduction to Business Systems
BUS 136 Marketing in a Global Context
BUS 143 Behavioral Science for Decision Making
BUS 226 Managerial Finance
BUS 256 Market Research Methods
BUS 285 Integrated Marketing Communication
BUS 385 Consumer Behavior
BUS 405 Portfolio Analysis and Asset Management
BUS 410W Organizational Behavior and Leadership
CHEM 101 General Chemistry I 
CHEM 101L General Chemistry I Lab
CHEM 301 Biochemistry
CLCS 100W The Stories We Live By
CLCS 212W Contraband: Censorship and Bookbanning Over the Last Two Centuries  
CLCS 245 Critical approaches to the graphic novel
CLCS 350W Culture and Human Rights
CLCS 497 Capstone Research 
COM 201 Fundamentals of Media Studies and Criticism
COM 238 Strategic Communication and Social Media: Theory and Practice
COM 330 The Digital Innovation and Media Strategies for a New Consumer Culture
COM 350 Mediated Relationships 
ECN 100 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECN 101 Principles of Microeconomics 
ECN 204 History of Economic Thought
ECN 225 Issues and Controversies in Macroeconomics
ECN 325  Money, Banking and Financial Markets
ECN 365  Investment Analysis I    
ENV 200 Understanding Environmental Issues 
FRE 100 Introductory French, Part 1 
FRE 200 Intermediate French, Part I
FRE 300 Advanced French, Part 1
FRE 353 Representations of Immigration in Francophone Literature and Film 
GER 100 Introductory German, Part 1
GER 200 Intermediate German, Part 1
GER 300 Advanced German, Part 1 
HIS 100 Western Civilization I: Ancient and Medieval
HIS 104 Global History I: Traditions, Encounters, and Adaptation from the Stone Age to the 16th Century
HON 499 Honors Capstone
ITA 100 Introductory Italian, Part 1 
ITA 200 Intermediate Italian, Part 1 
ITA 300 Advanced Italian, Part 1 
MAT 100 Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning
MAT 103 College Algebra
MAT 109 Introduction to Game Theory
MAT 200 Calculus
MAT 201 Introduction to Statistics
MAT 307 Multivariable Calculus and Linear Algebra
MUS 213 Classical Music in Fim
MUS 217 Masterpieces of Western Classical Music
PHL 100 Introduction to Philosophy 
PHYS 101 Physics for the Health Sciences
PHYS 101L Laboratory to PHYS 101
POL 100  Introduction to Political Science
POL 112 Markets, Policy and Administration
POL 254 Designing Political Representation 
POL 300 Comparative Politics
POL 303 Key Concepts in Political Economy
POL 321  International Organization 
POL 497 Readings and Methods in Political Science and International Relations
PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology
PSY 201 Social Psychology
PSY 202 Developmental Psychology
PSY 207 Introduction to Psychiatry and Forensic Psychopathology
PSY 215 Research Methods in the Social Sciences
PSY 220 Multicultural Psychology
STA 115/215/315 Painting
WTG 124 Discovering Academic Literacies
WTG 130 Introduction to Academic Writing
WTG 150 Academic Writing: Crossing Borders