Franklin students travel great distances, and often those experiences of being in the world and studying across borders help them build and strengthen relationships.  Our alumni and their families often refer to this phenomenon as becoming part of the Franklin Family, and it is the ties built from overcoming distances and providing mutual support that make the “family” a reality.

This section is dedicated to those who support their students while they have the educational experience of their lives.  Franklin staff and faculty are dedicated to helping bridge the gap between students and their families at home, creating resources and opportunities for parents and families to provide that support even at great distances.  The information in this section and linked below is intended to function as a reference for families, identifying ways to be present and help students succeed in their courageous ventures of obtaining an international education and living a cross-cultural experience.

Useful Pages for Families

The following pages on our website are helpful references for parents and family members needing contacts or policy information.

Keeping in Touch

Knowing what is happening on campus can help families to keep in touch and be present for their students at Franklin. The resources below can keep families up to date on what is happening on campus, as well as provide opportunities for direct involvement with the University and other family members of current students.

To all incoming students and parents
Warning: Mobility by Train

As a result of the derailment in the Gotthard Base Tunnel on August 10, the passenger trains between Ticino and the German-speaking part of Switzerland will be diverted via the Alpine Panorama Route until further notice. Although this journey is picturesque, it will take 60 minutes longer for national traffic and 60-120 minutes longer for international traffic. Since double-deck trains cannot operate on this route, there could be fewer seats available (30% fewer seats available on the weekends and slightly reduced capacity on weekdays). 

Our community is encouraged to refer to the SBB website for detailed information and plan for longer train journeys when traveling between Ticino and the German-speaking part of Switzerland.