The Tuition and Fees shown below are in Swiss Francs (CHF). These prices apply to Swiss/EU/EEA citizens in the Study Abroad program*, and anyone else who is not a US or Canadian citizen or a permanent US resident.  For Swiss/EU/EEA Bachelor of Arts Program tuition rates, please see Swiss/EU/EEA Tuition.

*Some special conditions apply to students from partner institutions.  Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.

Undergraduate Programs
(Bachelor of Arts and Study Abroad)

Cost of Attendance

The actual cost of attendance will vary depending on circumstances, based on how far you have to travel to reach Franklin, the choices you make regarding meals and housing, and more. The costs can be broken into Direct vs. Indirect costs (see below).

Direct Costs

These will appear on the billing statement each semester and may vary based on the cost of housing and meal plan the student chooses. These costs include tuition, university fees, room and board as well as Swiss health insurance. Exact amounts or averages for these costs (for example for housing or insurance) are provided below.

Tuition and Fees Per Semester Per Year
Academic Tuition
Includes Academic Travel
(Required, two weeks each semester)
CHF 24,550 CHF 49,100
Annual University Fees CHF 775 CHF 1550
Orientation Fee (new incoming students only) CHF 500 CHF 500
Housing and Meals    
Average Residence Hall CHF 5,365 CHF 10,730
Meal Plan (required for all first-year students) CHF 1,600 CHF 3,200
Health Insurance    
Average Insurance for Non-Swiss citizens* CHF 790 CHF 1,580

*Swiss law requires that all students are covered by Swiss medical insurance. The cost varies according to the age of the student. For information regarding the cost of Swiss medical insurance please see Health Insurance.

Indirect Costs

These costs are incidental to the students’ attendance and are fully managed by the students and their families. These costs include travel costs to/from Franklin each semester, the purchase of books and supplies as well as personal costs for weekend travel, toiletries, and such. Each family can reduce these costs by planning travel early, sending care packages from home that include lower priced toiletries, buying used books and more.

Typical Expenses Per Semester Per Year
Books and other materials CHF 700 CHF 1,400
Travel to and from campus (average cost of an intercontinental flight) CHF 1,000 CHF 2,000
Average cost for personal expenses, off-campus meals, independent travel (based on student surveys) CHF 1,500 CHF 3,000

Total Average Cost of Attendance

Based on the above estimates and average costs, the typical total cost of attendance for a non-Swiss, new incoming undergraduate student (e.g. a first-year undergraduate student, incoming study abroad student or transfer student) coming from the US or Canada would calculate as follows:

  Average Direct Costs   Average Indirect Costs   Total
First Semester CHF 33,580 + CHF 3,200 = CHF 36,780
Second Semester CHF 33,080 + CHF 3,200 = CHF 36,280

Payment Due Dates

The payment dates for 2020-2021 undergraduate students are as follows:

Summer I 2020 May 1, 2020
Summer II 2020 June 1, 2020
Fall 2020 July 30, 2020
Spring 2021 December 18, 2020

Refund policy

For information regarding refund policy, please see Tuition Payment and Policies.

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Graduate Programs

Tuition for the Master of Science in International Management is paid in Swiss Francs only.

As a graduate student you should expect the following average direct and indirect annual costs:

Tuition CHF 25,000
Academic Travel CHF 2,300
Housing (if living on campus) CHF 12,740
Health Insurance CHF 1,650
Meal plan (optional) CHF 3,200
Other expenses (travel, books, meals out, entertainment, personal items - estimate) CHF 7,500

CHF1,990 if born on or before 31.12.1994. Rates for non-Swiss citizens. Different rates apply for Swiss citizens (including dual nationality).

Payment Due Dates

The payment dates for 2020-2021 graduate students are as follows:

Fall 2020 June 15, 2020
Spring 2021 December 18, 2020

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Summer Programs

Undergraduate Programs

You may register for a maximum of two courses in each summer session. Citizens and permanent residents of the United States or Canada can pay in US dollars at the prices listed below. Students from all other countries must pay in Swiss francs. For more information on ways to pay, please see Payment Options.

Application Fee CHF 40
Enrollment Deposit§ CHF 150
Average Textbook Costs Per Course (varies by course) CHF 200

50th Anniversary Tuition Packages

As part of the 50th Anniversary celebration, Franklin is offering special rates on all summer courses. The discount ranges from 20% to 35% based on the number of courses and sessions for which the student enrolls, as shown below.

To respect the impact of COVID-19 and keep our community safe, Summer 2020 courses will be offered with an online option. See the tables below.

One Course, Interim Sesssion (2 Weeks) On Campus Online
Tuition CHF 3,150 CHF 3,150
Housing CHF 300
Subtotal CHF 3,450 CHF 3,150
50th Anniversary Discount (20%) -CHF 700 -CHF 650
TOTAL CHF 2,750 CHF 2,500
One Course, One Summer Session On Campus Online
Tuition CHF 3,150 CHF 3,150
Housing CHF 1,000
Meal plan CHF 350
Subtotal CHF 4,500 CHF 3,150
50th Anniversary Discount (20%) -CHF 900 -CHF 650
TOTAL CHF 3,600 CHF 2,500
Two Courses, One Summer Session On Campus Online
Tuition CHF 6,300 CHF 6,300
Housing CHF 1,000
Meal plan CHF 350
Subtotal CHF 7,650 CHF 6,300
50th Anniversary Discount (30%) -CHF 2,295 -CHF 1,900
TOTAL CHF 5,355 CHF 4,400
Two courses, Two Summer Sessions On Campus Online
Tuition CHF 6,300 CHF 6,300
Housing CHF 2,000
Meal plan CHF 700
Subtotal CHF 9,000 CHF 6,300
50th Anniversary Discount (20%) -CHF 1,800 -CHF 1,260
TOTAL CHF 7,200 CHF 5,040
Three courses, Two Summer Sessions On Campus Online
Tuition CHF 9,450 CHF 9,450
Housing CHF 2,000
Meal plan CHF 700
Subtotal CHF 12,150 CHF 9,450
50th Anniversary Discount (25%) -CHF 3,035 -CHF 2,360
TOTAL CHF 9,115 CHF 7,090
Four Courses, Two Summer Sessions On Campus Online
Tuition CHF 12,600 CHF 12,600
Housing CHF 2,000
Meal plan CHF 700
Subtotal CHF 15,300 CHF 12,600
50th Anniversary Discount (35%) -CHF 5,325 -CHF 4,400
TOTAL CHF 9,975 CHF 8,200

The application fee is due upon submission of your application.
§ A per student non-refundable enrollment confirmation deposit is due at the time of course enrollment.
The meal plan is an open account/dining credit plan that covers approximately 6 meals per week (breakfast, lunch or dinner).

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High School Programs

Tuition, room and board CHF 1,500

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