intervalla journal

intervalla: platform for intellectual exchange is an interdisciplinary online journal published by Franklin University Switzerland, providing a forum for researchers of all disciplines to share thoughts on the evolving nature of human experiences. This issue of intervalla, edited by Franklin Associate Professor Dr. Alexandra Peat with editorial assistance from Kaley Kiermayr ‘16, takes modernism as its topic and aims to illuminate and reflect on the current state of modernist studies.

Andrea Terzi

Andrea Terzi, Professor of Economics, recently published new articles in two academic journals.  Both pieces focus on European policies and analyze issues with the current economic situation.

In the 2016 third quarter issue of the PSL Quarterly Review, Terzi offered a critique of an article published previously there, advocating a fiscal expansion over tactics proposed by other researchers to end deflation in the Euro area.

Graduate students MSIM in costume at conference

The e-commerce students went to a conference run by Netcomm Suisse in Baden. They used the opportunity to talk to various individuals in the digital field. Students dressed up as superheroes and called on the community to dedicate time in educating start-up companies. Trevor Shea noted, “We had a great time mingling with leaders in the e-commerce field. Donating my efforts to a field I am interested in makes me feel like I am a bigger part of it.”