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Discover Diverse Academic Minors at Franklin University Switzerland: Experiential and Interdisciplinary Learning

Explore a Range of Minors That Complement Your Major, Offering a Holistic and Interdisciplinary Education Experience.

At Franklin University Switzerland (FUS), we believe in fostering a learning environment that is both interdisciplinary and experiential. Our students have the unique opportunity to not only delve deep into their major field of study but also to explore diverse minor programs that broaden their perspective and enhance their skillset. These minor programs are designed to reflect the dynamic and interactive approach to learning, characteristic of FUS.

Choosing a Minor at FUS

Students at Franklin University Switzerland can choose a minor that aligns with their interests and career goals. The chosen minor should be declared officially, and it’s essential to maintain a 2.0 average in the minor to successfully complete it.

Minor Program Requirements:

  • Academic Excellence: A 2.0 average must be maintained within the chosen minor.
  • Credit Requirements: Except for a language minor, at least 12 credits in the minor must be taken at FUS. For language minors above ITA/FRE/GER 301, all 6 credits must be taken at Franklin University Switzerland.
  • Official Declaration: An official declaration of the minor is required. Students must submit the necessary form to the Registrar, after obtaining signatures from the Academic Advisor and the Department Head of the chosen field.

Interdisciplinary and Experiential Learning Approach:

Our minor programs embody the experiential and interdisciplinary approach to education that Franklin University Switzerland stands for. We encourage students to integrate knowledge from different fields, allowing for a richer, more comprehensive learning experience.