Go above and beyond

Students seeking to pursue a career in research and scholarship may be interested in entering the international Honors Program.  After you have completed at least one semester of university study you are eligible to enter the program if you have and maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher and are in good disciplinary standing.  The university's Honors Program participants dedicate additional time to developing their research skills through the annual Honors Seminar and the Honors Senior Capstone Experience Preparation Workshop.  These courses are particularly challenging and require a dedicated investment of intellect and imagination.


The Honors Program at Franklin is an opportunity to engage in interdisciplinary research and scholarship with expert faculty and other highly qualified peers. Students select a topic in their field of academic interest and expand their knowledge using academic skills they acquire under the guidance of their Academic Advisor. Studious and highly motivated individuals explore beyond the boundaries of their regular undergraduate curriculum through a series of interdisciplinary seminars. Honors students are encouraged to give back to the community through service learning and by sharing their knowledge, expertise and experiences.


Franklin Scholars are eligible for the university Honors Program upon admission.

If you transfer from another university or are a current Franklin student and wish to enter the Honors program, you must have:

  • One or more semesters of university level study
  • A 3.5 or higher grade point average
  • Good disciplinary standing

To continue in the international honors program, you must remain in good standing, meeting these criteria each semester.

If you are not in the Honors Program, you can take an honors seminar if there is space in the course, and the instructor and your Academic Advisor approve.


You are awarded an Honors Certificate at graduation when you complete 12 or more honors credit hours including:

  • One Honors Seminar (3 Credits)
  • The Honors Senior Capstone Experience Preparation Workshop (0 Credits) – An advanced workshop in the Senior Year
  • An Honors Capstone experience (3 credits) – thesis, senior project, or senior research project
  • Additional Honors Seminars (6 Credits) – Honors Tutorials in regularly scheduled courses, approved by the Honors Coordinator and your Academic Advisor

Honors Students participate actively in the Honors Society and are expected to attend the University Lecture Series and other events sponsored by the University and the Honors Society.