Alumni Spotlights

Franklin has a long history of empowering and highly skilled alumni, who constitute a vast and growing network of more than seven thousand entrepreneurs, innovation enthusiasts, researchers, policymakers, and, above all, leaders sharing a common vision of shaping the future. As individuals, their contributions are extraordinary. As a community, their impact is substantial. Our alumni took their first steps here on Franklin’s campus in Lugano, flourishing and thriving over the years, and becoming responsible and successful citizens of the globe today. They live across the world, in different time zones and different continents, and yet keep Franklin close to their hearts, proudly representing the Franklin Family. 

We caught up with some of them and asked about their accomplishments and achievements after Franklin. Read their stories and connect with them through the Franklin Network.

Juliette Cooper '17

"Franklin’s academic travel courses and dual accreditation immediately convinced me this was the perfect way to achieve my academic and travel aspirations."

Jason Giancola '06

"Franklin helped me develop a growth mindset and build confidence in my academic interests and creative talents, all while empowering me to be my authentic self."

Angelika Day '11

"My life would look very different if I had not attended Franklin University Switzerland. I was immediately convinced that the environment, curriculum, staff, and students would allow me to pursue a rewarding and international career."

Daniela Baiardi '20

"The unforgettable Academic Travels will always be with me. Studying in American institutions while staying in Switzerland, is the best of both worlds."

Liliia Grigoreva '21

"My experience at Franklin was absolutely spectacular. All the different classes challenged my academic abilities, stimulated life-long learning, and guided me toward the enhancement of my critical thinking skills."

50 Years of Franklin: Alumni Series Introduction

Frankliners have a special quality to them, a uniqueness in the way they talk and interact and see the world. Since graduating, I’ve had the distinct privilege of visiting with dozens of Franklin Alumni, no small feat since we are spread all over the globe. It takes effort to keep in touch, let alone visit, but it has been a deeply rewarding investment.

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make a Rewarding Career

Olivia Meira doesn’t do anything halfway. Those of us who were lucky enough to have studied with her know that she is all out, balls to the wall about everything; work, study, and play. She is one of the most dedicated, hard-working, and adventurous people I have ever encountered which is why, when I spoke with her late on a Wednesday night in August, I wasn’t surprised to hear that she was still at work finishing up an important presentation before a week of hiking in the Peruvian Andes.

The Importance of the Alumni Network

One of the best parts of the Franklin experience, as any alum will tell you, is the friendships. Moving away to another country, and being surrounded by a new language and culture, makes you rely on your fellow students more than the typical college experience, which in turn develops relationships that last across continents and lifetimes. But what happens to those friendships after graduation? How do those bonds translate into an alumni network in the professional world?

Making a Difference: Juliette Cooper's Journey in Education

One thing you’ll find with many Frankliners, both students and alumni, is just how much they care about their communities, and it’s particularly inspiring to see how so many of them put that care into action.

Franklin Friends, Life Partners

Those who attend Franklin face a variety of unique situations, but one less talked about aspect of FUS life is how Franklin’s unique location in Switzerland, and its highly international student body, affects interpersonal relationships between students.

Karen Cooper: Globetrotter, Entrepreneur, Filmmaker

In times like these, the value of a college education is often hotly debated, especially one that isn’t highly industry specific. With COVID-19 disrupting everything, many are turning their thoughts towards the challenges of life after quarantine. This is especially true for the class of 2020 who will be facing an uncertain and disrupted job market.

Making the most of every opportunity: Marina Lorenzini ‘16

Marina Lorenzini, class of 2016, was a polished and driven figure on campus, with an incredible ability for languages. In fact, she was my freshman class’s Italian 100 mentor and I remember us all struggling to get through those early Wednesday morning sessions, trying to match her perfect pronunciation.