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The Green Office Scholars Program

The GO Scholars Program is a year-long paid scholarship in which selected students work with campus partners to influence and raise awareness of sustainable practices across campus. Scholars work closely with faculty, staff and the entire student body. The program gives students concrete knowledge of sustainability approaches and solutions, as well as offers students professional development training in a collaborative environment.

Help fund student participation in the Green Office.

The FUS GO ACT Program

Take part in reducing the FUS carbon footprint by purchaing an ACT Carbon Credit, which will go towards reducing a source of campus emissions.  Each Carbon Credit is 100 chf and will be dedicated to helping Franklin achieve its goal of carbon neutrality.

For 2022 - 2023, the ACT Program will focus on the replacement of heavily polluting landscaping equipment with sustainable electric powered equipment. Lawnmowers, leaf blowers, hedge trimmers and other landscaping equipment on our campus are currently powered with fossil fuels that greatly contribute to FUS-generated greenhouse gas emissions.  We also considered the following factors:

  • Gas powered equipment emits harmful air pollutants that are unhealthy for operators and those nearby to breathe.
  • Electric powered equipment is more economical than equivalent gas powered equipment.
  • The need to transport, store and use (or spill!) flammable gasoline is eliminated with electric powered equipment.
  • Gas powered landscaping equipment is noisy, often running at over 85 decibels which can damage hearing over time.

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