Summer 2019 Travel Course Offerings

Topic and DestinationLeader
Technology in Art, Visual Communication, and FashionFassl
Sustainable Development in Africa: Politics, Prospects, and PracticeZanecchia
Adventures in Printmaking: PolandZdanski

Course Descriptions

AHT 285T Technology in Art, Visual Communication, and Fashion

Professor Fassl

(Dates: 20 May - 1 June 2019) From early optical instruments to Renaissance printing presses, from camera obscuras floating on boats to portable paint tubes, from modern film cameras to laser sculptures, from computer robotics to 3D printing, technology continues to play a major role in art, visual communication, and fashion. It shapes both creative processes and production techniques in the making of visual culture and it affects and defines the status of the beholder of its manifold expressions. The course will investigate some of the milestones in the history of instruments and will take up contemporary technology to investigate the intertwined connection between man and machine in the creative world. This Academic Travel course will start with on-campus sessions in Lugano and then travel to Venice, where it will focus on the 58th International Venice Biennale and its related events as the primary resource. The course cost covers all housing in Lugano and in shared apartments in the center of Venice, local public transportation, museum and exhibition entrances, a season pass to the Biennale, and some extracurricular activities and meals. Students are required to make their own travel arrangements from Venice. IMPORTANT: Registration and a non-refundable CHF 1,500 (USD 1,500) deposit are due by 5 April 2019.


POL 281T Sustainable Development in Africa: Politics, Prospects, and Practice

Professor Zanecchia

Dates: 1 - 25 July 2019 (This travel course must be taken in conjunction with POL 376 International Environmental Politics for a total of 6 credits.) This interdisciplinary course explores the politics and practice of sustainable development in Africa (Kenya). Through a series of on-site explorations in the host countries, problem-based exercises, service learning and presentations by local university professors, public policy makers (to include NGOs) and experts in sustainable development, students will learn about the political, social, economic, environmental and cultural relationships that encompass the important field of sustainable development. Students will come to better understand how each country approaches sustainable development and natural resource management through participation in on-site expeditions and visits. Student research projects will include team-based case studies in the areas of sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, water and natural resource management, and sustainable housing in light of global environmental issues such as deforestation, water resource and human habitat degradation, threats to biodiversity, and conventional models of development. Please note: The field portion of the course will include traveling in overland vehicles with experienced guides. Accommodations will be in either backpacker lodges (dormitory style beds) or in safari tents at campgrounds with hot showers and toilets. IMPORTANT: Registration and a non-refundable CHF 1,500 (USD 1,500) deposit are due by 5 April 2019.


STA 280T Adventures in Printmaking: Poland

Professor Zdanski

(Dates: 1 August - 17 August 2019) This on-site, experimental course will enable students explore the creative possibilities of media which have largely been considered mechanical, reproductive while also discovering the art and culture of Poland. The course will begin in Warsaw, with lectures and tours that will introduce this fascinating country. The centrepiece is a two-week residence at the PATA printing workshops of the Akademia Sztuk Pięknych in Łodz, with a weekend trip to Krakow. During the workshops, students will be able to choose from an incredible array of printing processes, including relief and intaglio techniques, as well as collograph, silkscreen and textile printing and much more. The course has the following goals: to gain knowledge of printing materials, equipment and techniques; to produce prints using the techniques introduced during the course; to understand printing techniques in an art historical perspective and acknowledge of printing as a fine art; to construct a basic art vocabulary and develop the skills necessary to critical visual analysis. This Academic Travel course will also include visits museums, print/drawing collections, and places where artists work and printmaking workshops are held, thus providing in-depth knowledge and an adventure in printmaking! (Course meets directly in Warsaw – students should make their own arrangements for arrival and departure. Contact Professor Zsanski for further details.) IMPORTANT: Registration and a non-refundable CHF 1,500 (USD 1,500) deposit are due by 5 April 2019.