Summer 2020 Travel Course Offerings

Topic and DestinationLeader
Introduction to the History of Architecture (Munich, Regensburg, Prague)Fassl
Reading Moroccan CultureSaveau
Managing the New Zealand EnvironmentHale
Adventures in Printmaking: PolandZdanski

Course Descriptions

AHT 257T Introduction to the History of Architecture (Munich, Regensburg, Prague)

Professor Fassl

(This Academic Travel course is offered 18 - 30 May 2020.) The course investigates the history of the built environment as technical, social, and cultural expression from antiquity to the contemporary. It studies building techniques, styles, and expressions in terms of their chronology and context. Themes, theories, and ideas in architecture and urban design are also explored. Among other focus topics, students are encouraged to consider architecture as a cultural expression, study its semiotic potential, ascertain its role within political aesthetics, and investigate its relationship to best practices in sustainable building. IMPORTANT: Registration and a non-refundable CHF 1,500 (USD 1,500) deposit are due by 3 April 2020.


CLCS 251T Reading Moroccan Culture

Professor Saveau

(This course must be taken in conjunction with ML 100) This course examines gender, ethnic, class, family, age, religious relationships within contemporary Morocco. It first provides students with a historical overview of Morocco since its independence in 1956, focusing on the monarchies of Hassan II and Mohammed VI the current king. It explores the power dynamics that exist in a society that is predominantly patrilinear and where gender roles are mostly divided along a binary system; it studies the place of the individual in a society where the collective ego prevails; it considers the place of Berber identity within Moroccan society and finally it explores Sufism as a counter-power to any form of Islamic rigorism. All the themes studied are substantiated with presentations by Moroccan scholars working in the fields of sociology, gender, ethnic, religious, and music studies. (Knowledge of French recommended.) IMPORTANT: Registration and a non-refundable CHF 1,500 (USD 1,500) deposit are due by 3 April 2020.


ENV 280T Managing the New Zealand Environment

Professor Hale

(This travel course must be taken in conjunction with LIT 370) This course examines the management of environmental resources in New Zealand and the discourse of sustainability from the island's perspective. It will focus on the challenge of conserving New Zealand's flora and fauna, as well as New Zealand's aggressive management of the non-native species that have arrived since human settlement. It will examine attempts to restore natural habitats through visits to the several restoration projects, and to Christchurch to study how environmental concerns are being incorporated into the city's recovery from the devastating 2010 and 2011 earthquakes. The course will also scrutinize the effects of tourism on the New Zealand environment and the opportunities that tourism also present. Lastly, the course will explore how the Maori culture influences environmental management in the country. (Previous coursework in environmental studies recommended.) IMPORTANT: Registration and a non-refundable CHF 1,500 (USD 1,500) deposit are due by 3 April 2020.


STA 280T Adventures in Printmaking: Poland

Professor Zdanski

(Dates: 2 August - 15 August 2020) This on-site, experimental course will enable students explore the creative possibilities of media which have largely been considered mechanical, reproductive while also discovering the art and culture of Poland. The course will begin in Warsaw, with lectures and tours that will introduce this fascinating country. The centrepiece is a two-week residence at the PATA printing workshops of the Akademia Sztuk Pięknych in Łodz, with a weekend trip to Krakow. During the workshops, students will be able to choose from an incredible array of printing processes, including relief and intaglio techniques, as well as collograph, silkscreen and textile printing and much more. The course has the following goals: to gain knowledge of printing materials, equipment and techniques; to produce prints using the techniques introduced during the course; to understand printing techniques in an art historical perspective and acknowledge of printing as a fine art; to construct a basic art vocabulary and develop the skills necessary to critical visual analysis. This Academic Travel course will also include visits to museums, print/drawing collections, and places where artists work and printmaking workshops are held, thus providing in-depth knowledge and an adventure in printmaking! (Course meets directly in Warsaw – students should make their own arrangements for arrival and departure. Contact Professor Zsanski for further details.) IMPORTANT: Registration and a non-refundable CHF 1,500 (USD 1,500) deposit are due by 15 May 2020.