All experienced travelers can use a map

Franklin’s planning process defines where we want to go as a university and how we intend to get there. The current Strategic Plan that is mapped out through the 2019 – 2020 academic year, identifies five major goal paths:

  1. Foster an innovative, interdisciplinary curricular environment by strengthening Academic Travel, expanding graduate studies, and developing new experiential learning opportunities.
  2. Build on academic quality through recruitment and retention of faculty, promotion of faculty research and continuous evaluation of our academic programs.
  3. Strengthen the university’s position among peer institutions by increasing operational efficiency and effectiveness, diversifying revenue sources and applying innovative practices in marketing, communications and admissions.
  4. Support and sustain student development by expanding career services, improving access to internships and increasing engagement opportunities between students and the local community.
  5. Enhance the international character of the university by increasing the breadth of nationalities represented on campus, the number of international partnerships and the engagement of the institution with local and regional organizations.

Follow this link for the full version of the FUS 2013-2019 Strategic Plan.