Kickstart Your Day with Engaging Discussions and Fresh Ideas Over Breakfast

Embark on a journey where intellect meets enthusiasm at the "Energizing Breakfast Club" (EBC) - a congenial gathering of curious minds and groundbreaking ideas, hosted by the Division of Business and Economics and the Division of Communication, History, and Politics at Franklin University Switzerland.

At the EBC, we weave together the zest of fresh mornings with the fervor of academic discussions, providing a platform that stimulates not only your mind but your taste buds too! Join us for sessions of explorative research discussions, all while savoring hot coffee and delectable croissants.

The Essence of EBC

Fueling Intellectual Curiosity: EBC meetings illuminate the path for faculty members to showcase their emerging research projects and innovative ideas. With a presentation ranging from 20 to 30 minutes, our faculty unveils the curtain to new realms of knowledge, inviting constructive discussions and invaluable feedback in an informal breakfast setting.

Collaborative Synergy: Designed to foster in-person interactions, the EBC bridges various disciplines, encouraging colleagues to dive into a sea of diversified ideas and research topics. Your feedback and participation are not just welcomed; they're essential!

Uniting Academia Over Breakfast

A Wholesome, Enriching Experience: Welcome to the Energizing Breakfast Club (EBC), where we craft a symbiotic atmosphere of intellectual and culinary nourishment. Imagine beginning your day by biting into a perfectly baked croissant, sipping robust coffee, while simultaneously delving into stimulating academic discussions amidst peers.

Bridging Diverse Academic Realms: EBC champions the intersection of varied academic disciplines, curating a platform where innovative ideas percolate through the mesh of diverse perspectives. We embrace the belief that groundbreaking insights often emerge from a confluence of distinct thoughts and expertise.

Creativity and Conversations Brew Together: Navigate through a sea of ideas in our relaxed, informal breakfast settings, where barriers dissolve and free-flowing, constructive dialogues naturally unfold. Here, each sip of coffee symbolizes a journey deeper into conversations that challenge and refine the blossoming ideas presented.

Forge Connections, Foster Collaboration: Join us at EBC - a nexus where academic relationships are fortified, collaborative seeds are sown, and your ideas are brewed to perfection with collective wisdom, all in the congenial backdrop of a casual breakfast.


Intrigued? We invite faculty members from every discipline to be part of the Energizing Breakfast Club. To keep abreast of our schedule, topics of discussion, and location details, please check the University Calendar.


October 11 Oliver Strijbis
November 08 Fintan Hoey
November 15 Patrick Della Croce
November 29 Kate Roy
January 31 Charles Burke
February 07 Martino Ongis
February 21 Elisa Volpi
February 28 Silvia Piccinelli
March 06 Bernd Bucher
March 27 Vera Dianova
April 03 Giulia Miniero
April 10 Tatiana Balushkina

Energize Your Mornings, Engage Your Mind.

Be part of a community where every idea is cherished and every discussion is valued. The EBC is not just a meeting; it's where connections are forged, ideas are born, and innovative research projects take flight.