Summer 2020 Session 1 Course Offerings

For course descriptions and syllabi, click a course code below. Links to syllabi for upcoming semesters are added as they become available.

The University reserves the right to change course offerings and scheduling.

CourseSecCourse TitleDaysStartEndInstructor
CPT 1501Intro to Computer ProgrammingMTWT08:3011:05Prisner
ITA 3001Advanced Italian, Part IMTWT08:3011:05Ferrari
POL 2081Intro to US Constitution & Legal SystemMTWT08:3011:05Mottale
PSY 2201Multicultural PsychologyMTWT08:3011:05Bova
BUS 1351Introduction to Business SystemsMTWT11:3014:05Cordon
BUS 3261Managerial FinanceMTWT11:3014:05Rocourt
ITA 2001Intermediate Italian, Part IMTWT11:3014:05Oreggioni
ITA 3701The Italian Short StoryMTWT11:3014:05Orsi
MAT 2011Introduction to StatisticsMTWT11:3014:05Prisner
BUS 1151Financial AccountingMTWT14:3017:05Rocourt
ENV 2972Environment and HealthMTWT14:3017:05Hale
FRE 3001Advanced French, Part IMTWT14:3017:05Planchard
MUS 2131Classical Music in FilmMTWT14:3017:05Trebici Marin
POL 1001Introduction to Political ScienceMTWT14:3017:05Cordon
POL 2301Politics and FilmsMTWT14:3017:05Bregman
STA 2951Drawing for Creative Critical ThinkersMTWT14:3017:05Dalfonzo
ECN 1011Principles of MicroeconomicsMTWT17:3020:05Stack
LIT 3702Myths of Belonging: Lit and FilmMTWT17:3020:05Roy

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