Nello Barile

Nello Barile

Adjunct Professor, Communication and Media Studies

Ph.D. University of Rome "La Sapienza"

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The research interests of Nello Barile include sociology of media and communication, culture, fashion, and consumption. He has published numerous books, articles and short essays in Italy as well as in France, Germany, Brazil and USA. At the moment he is investigating the relationships between culture, power and emerging media.

He teaches media studies and sociology of cultural processes at IULM University of Milan, where he also coordinated a Master's program in Creativity Management for 6 years.

2020-2021 Courses:

COM 201Fundamentals of Media Studies and CriticismFALL 2020
COM 204WMedia EcologyFALL 2020
COM 330The Digital Innovation and Media Strategies for a New Consumer CultureFALL 2020
COM 201Fundamentals of Media Studies and CriticismSPRING 2021
COM 370Making Movements/Crafting DissentSPRING 2021
FAS 100TIntroduction to Fashion Studies (Italy)SPRING 2021


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