Sanja Dudukovic

Sanja Dudukovic

Professor Emerita, International Management
Department Co-Chair, International Management

Ph.D. University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia
M.S. University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia
B.S. University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Office: Lowerre Academic Center, North Campus 4
Phone: +41 91 986 36 34
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Since 1991, Dr. Dudukovic has taught a number of courses in Business Analytics, including Data Mining (Business Intelligence), Management Science, Management Information Systems, Quantitative Methods & Dynamic Forecasting, Statistics and Computing. Her degrees include a B.S. in Technology, an M.S. in Economics and a Ph.D. in Statistics. Her long-term theoretical research interests include Non-Gaussian Time Series Modeling, Entropy Maximization and Information Theory. Since 1997, her empirical research interests cover the fields of Financial Modeling, Credit Spread Modeling, Stock Market GARCH and RV Volatility Forecasting , Machine Learning and HOC ARMA modeling. She has published numerous publications on Non-Gaussian Time Series Analysis and Volatility Forecasting and has considerable private-sector experience in Management Information System Development. She has a particular interest in Educational Data Mining and undergraduate research. She is engaged in discovering the methods needed to trigger student research interest by including notions of creativity in philosophy, psychology and logic. She established and directed Franklin's Center for Quantitative Research (CQR) with the aim of achieving results worth presenting at professional international conferences. She is a member of the Bernoulli Society for Mathematical Statistics, the American Statistical Association and the IEEC Computer Society.

2020-2021 Courses:

BUS 306Quantitative Methods and Dynamic ForecastingFALL 2020
BUS 340Management ScienceFALL 2020
MAT 201Introduction to StatisticsFALL 2020
BUS 306Quantitative Methods and Dynamic ForecastingSPRING 2021
BUS 397Data Mining (Business Intelligence)SPRING 2021
MAT 201Introduction to StatisticsSPRING 2021
BUS 340Management ScienceSUMMER 2021
MAT 201Introduction to StatisticsSUMMER 2021

Journal Publications:

Book Chapter:

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Working Papers:

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Awards and Honors:

2006: Franklin Faculty Excellence Award: Teaching
2011: Franklin Faculty Excellence Award: Teaching
2012: Franklin Faculty Excellence Award: Teaching