Erich Prisner

Erich Prisner

Professor, Mathematics and Computing

Habilitation, Universität Hamburg, Germany
Ph.D. Universität Hamburg, Germany
Diploma (M.A.) Universität Hamburg, Germany

Office: Lowerre Academic Center, North Campus, Office 11
Phone: +41 91 986 36 55
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The teaching and research experience of Professor Prisner includes the University of Louisville, the University of Maryland University College (Schwäbisch Gmünd), the Technical University of Cottbus (Germany), the Technical University of Berlin, and Franklin University Switzerland. Dr. Prisner has published extensively on intersection graphs and graph-theoretic operators, to include a book on graph dynamics. A recipient of numerous research awards and grants, he also has been particularly active in integrating information technology in his teaching.

2020-2021 Courses:

MAT 103College AlgebraFALL 2020
MAT 115TMeasuring the AlpsFALL 2020
MAT 180Mathematics for the Humanities and Social SciencesFALL 2020
MAT 104The Mathematics of InequalitySPRING 2021
MAT 180Mathematics for the Humanities and Social SciencesSPRING 2021
MAT 200CalculusSPRING 2021
CPT 150Intro Computer ProgrammingSUMMER 2021
MAT 109Introduction to Game TheorySUMMER 2021


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