Learn about the building blocks of economics and gain an understanding of how the economy works.

Business of International OrganizationsJuly 11 - 26, 2018
(Arrival Date: July 10 | Departure Date: July 27)

This is an introductory course that will familiarize students with the fundamentals of economics. Students will be introduced to important topics in economics including demand and supply, economic growth, inflation, unemployment, poverty, income inequality and globalization. This course will also allow students to understand the importance of economics as a discipline and relevance of this discipline in understanding current world events. This course will also introduce students to the Swiss economy. Students will learn about Switzerland’s economic history, the main sectors in Switzerland and the country’s position in the global economic scene.

This course will incorporate in class sessions, guest lectures and field trips to different locations in Switzerland that include Bellinzona and Gruyère to enhance student’s learning experience.

Program Details

The course is taught and directed by Dr. Poulomi Dasgupta, Assistant Professor of Economics, with support from academic mentors who will provide guidance and assistance to students.

Course Schedule

Tuesday, July 10th
All day Arrival and orientation
Wednesday, July 11th
Morning Overview of the course
  Course material, class expectations and grading
  Methodology, Aim and objectives of the course
  Introduction to economics, aim of economics and different economic systems
  Relevance of economics in today’s world
Afternoon Visit to downtown and lido with mentors
Thursday, July 12th
Morning Scarcity and Choice
  The Economic Problem
  Demand and Supply
Afternoon Short documentary on the current financial system
  In class exercise with mentor
Friday, July 13th
All day Visit to Gandria Customs Museum
  Visit to Lugano city
  Discussion on the economy of Ticino and surrounding areas
Saturday, July 14th
All day CSCS Lugano visit
  (Innovation, Research and Development in Switzerland)
Sunday, July 15th
All day Visit Bellinzona
  Importance of tourism in Switzerland
  Monte Bre, Lugano
Monday, July 16th
Morning Lecture on GDP growth, unemployment, and inflation
  Different sectors of the Swiss economy and economic history of Switzerland
Afternoon Test #1: 2:00 - 3:00 pm
Tuesday, July 17th
Morning Lecture on International trade
  Ricardian trade theory
Afternoon Trip to Chocolate Stella (discussion on fair trade)
Wednesday, July 18th
Morning Dean SBB visit
  Lecture on Fair Trade
  Fair trade simulation game
Afternoon Visit to Coop, Migros and Manor

Thursday, July 19th
Morning Lecture on poverty, inequality and uneven development
  Role of Switzerland in the third world
Afternoon Fair trade presentation
Friday, July 20th
Morning Introduction to weekend visit to Gruyère
  Swiss cheese and chocolate industry
Afternoon Preparation with mentor for weekend visit to Gruyère
Saturday, July 21st
Morning Leave for Gruyère
  Visit Gruyère castle
Sunday, July 22nd
All day Visit local cheese and chocolate factory
  Discussion about sustainable economics and business models
Monday, July 23rd
All day Departure for Canton Valais
  Visit to Saint-Léonard underground lake and an alpine glacier in the Valais mountains
  Return to Lugano

Tuesday, July 24th
Morning Lecture on income inequality and growth
Afternoon Documentary on inequality
Wednesday, July 25th
Morning Class review
Afternoon Test #2: 2:00 - 3:00 pm
Evening Work with mentors on projects

Thursday, July 26th
Morning Work on projects with mentor
Afternoon Project presentation and course conclusion
Evening Dinner together at a local grotto

Friday, July 27th
All day Departures


Tuition, room and board CHF 3,380 USD 3,380*
*Residents of the U.S. and Canada pay in U.S. Dollars (USD). All others pay in Swiss Francs (CHF).