Fast track your future

Save time and tuition by completing your Bachelor's degree in three years, as you would at other European universities, instead of the four years typically required by American universities. The three-year BA at Franklin is designed for motivated students who study full time over three academic years including summers. If you have advanced placement credit and are ready to declare your major by the end of your first year this plan can work for you.

Graduation requirements for the three-year BA are the same as for the regular four-year BA, and your degree is fully accredited in both the US and Switzerland.

How It Works

It’s intense. You earn 120 credits in six semesters instead of eight. You must still complete all core requirements plus the requirements for your major , exactly as other regular undergraduate students do; you just do it in less time.

A regular full time class schedule for three years gives you 90 credits, so you have to earn another 30. There are several ways of doing this:

  • Start your first year with advanced standing credit
  • Transfer credits from another university
  • Take up to 24 credits during the Franklin summer sessions
  • Carry an extra course during the regular semester

For example, you could bring in six advanced standing credits, and study full time completing 15 credits every semester over three academic years for a total of 96 credits. During your first and second summers, you take 12 credits, and thus complete the 120 credits required for graduation.

Don’t wait. If you think you may be eligible for the three-year BA, contact Dean Sara Steinert Borella

Go on to get your Master’s: The 3+ 1

Stay one more year and leave with two degrees

Leverage the advantage you gain in earning your Bachelor’s degree in three years by spending your fourth year in Graduate Studies at Franklin. The one year Master of Science in International Management prepares you to be a responsible global leader in your organization or your own business, and the eBusiness concentration focuses your attention on leveraging technology as an overall management strategy.

Franklin graduate students come from diverse backgrounds and a variety of majors. Each year, the learning environment is formed by each student’s presence in the class. The dynamic is individual, interactive and professional with a focus on giving you the business acumen, leadership skills, and practical experience you need to succeed.

How the 3+1 works

If you are on track to get your BA in 3-years, you are eligible. You can apply during your second year at Franklin to begin taking part in graduate activities in your senior year. Activities include professional coaching, corporate visits, Graduate Academic Travel and the graduate speaker series.