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Join us for the screening of "Dancing Free", a documentary that not only highlights the inaugural Lugano Dance Project but also delves deeply into the creative journeys of three distinguished choreographers: Canadian Virginie Brunelle, Anglo-American Annie Hanauer, and Swiss-German Lea Moro. Produced by Fiumi Studios in co-production with Franklin University Switzerland and the KHR McNeely Family Fund, thanks to Kevin, Rosemary and Hannah Rose McNeely, this film is presented by esteemed Film Studies professor, Elettra Fiumi, and Junior Student Sofia Chiusano, offering unique insights into the artistic process.

Inspired by the utopian experiments of Monte Verità in the early 20th century, the documentary adopts a circular narrative to explore how these artists grapple with the concept of an 'ideal world' in both their professional and personal lives. Filmmaker Elettra Fiumi invites viewers to explore their own perceptions of utopia, emphasizing that true perfection lies in the creative process itself. The film uses a blend of archival materials and contemporary storytelling to create a magical-realistic dive into the imaginations of these visionary yet vulnerable women, whose lives intersect around the legacy of Rudolf von Laban and the transformative power of dance.

This event is a wonderful opportunity for the Franklin community to reconnect with a dynamic professor and introduce newcomers to her influential work. Attend to support and celebrate the profound artistic expressions and philosophical insights that connect the past with the present.



"Dancing Free" Trailer: