Studying is at the forefront of attending Franklin, but student life including the variety of activities, events, trips, and programs enrich the entire experience. As a citizen of the Franklin community, you become a member of an international culture that has its own traditions, events and characteristics, but that has no borders and no limits. Frankliners are a unique population, and citizenship is only attainable through living the experience.

From your Orientation excursion to Valle Verzasca you leap into a life of new perspectives and cultural understanding. Extracurricular events, student organizations, and independent travel are your learning environment outside the classroom. Join or create your own campus club, learn a new language, join a sports team hike or ski in the Alps, take a train through the regions of Switzerland and border countries – the opportunities are yours to take and the memories yours to make.

A Room with a View

Whether it’s Lake Lugano, Monte San Salvatore, or the cobblestone footpath below the local vineyard, you’ll wake up each morning in a room with a view in one of Franklin’s seven residences. Residential life is an important part of the student experience, enriching connections to your peers and also playing a vital role in your academic involvement.

Use Your Passport. A Lot.

Whether you’re here as a full-time student or a semester abroad, our location right at the center of Europe affords our students countless exciting independent travel opportunities. Hop a train to Rome, a plane to Paris, a boat to Italy – the choices are endless. New faces. New music. New clubs. Exhibitions. Changing politics. Languages to be learned. You need to be there. And one of the best things about attending Franklin is that you can: there are many ways to get around Europe and beyond at relatively low costs.