We are excited to welcome new students in January! Student leaders and staff will help new students adjust to their new environment over the course of several days before classes begin on Monday, January 20. Attendance at Orientation sessions is mandatory, as we want to be sure new students fully understand the opportunities and responsibilities that come with being a Franklin student. Please note that the schedule below is tentative, and the final schedule will not be published until December 2019. New students must arrive on January 16 and should plan to take part in Orientation activities all day on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, January 16-18.

Thursday, January 16 - Arrival Day

09:00 to 17:00

New Student Check-In and Immigration Paperwork
Office of Student Life, Airone

The Office of Student Life will be open so new students can check in, receive their apartment keys and find information about their new home! After you move into your space, please be sure to come back to the Office of Student Life sometime before 15:00 with your passport so our staff can begin processing your immigration paperwork with you.


Campus Tour


Grocery Shopping Trip (Optional)
Students who would like to go grocery shopping should plan to meet at the OSL Front Desk in Airone.


"A Taste of Switzerland"
Join us for a buffet-style dinner to taste traditional dishes from the diverse regions of Switzerland.

Friday, January 17




Writing Sample
Students who will be taking writing courses at Franklin will provide a sample to help faculty place them in the appropriate courses.


Registrar Information and Preparing for Advising and Course Registration


Math Placement
Students who will be taking a math course while at Franklin will take a brief math placement before course registration.


Sorengo Tour
Students who will not be taking the Math Placement will become familiar with the shops and resources in the area immediately off campus. Those taking the math placement will have a chance to go with student leaders later in the day.


Lunch with the Office of Student Life and Resident Assistants


Advising and Registration
Students will meet with their faculty advisors to discuss and select their spring courses.


Safety and Security at Franklin and in Lugano

Kaletsch Classroom 1

Several OSL staff members will share important tips, information, and strategies that will help students stay safe on campus and in Lugano. We will also show new students how to use two phone apps that are an important part of our communication processes at Franklin.


Dinner and Movie Night

Saturday, January 18




Tour of Downtown Lugano



Life in Switzerland

Learn important information about Swiss culture and Franklin's student life policies. This session will help students understand what it means to be a part of our community.




IKEA Shopping Trip (Optional)




Night Out or Game Night with Student Leaders
Students will have the opportunity to visit a few areas many Franklinites frequent after hours. We will also have a game night on campus for those who would like to hang out with student leaders on campus.