Fabio Ferrari

Fabio Ferrari

Associate Professor, Modern Languages and Literatures

Ph.D. The University of Chicago
M.A. The University of Chicago
B.A. Connecticut College

Office: Kaletsch Campus, Office 6
Phone: +41 91 986 53 17
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Professor Ferrari earned his doctoral degree in 2006 with a dissertation titled, Italian  Myths  and  Counter-Myths  of  America:  Allegorical  Representations  of  America in 20th-Century Italian Literature and Film. He has taught undergraduate courses in language and culture at The University of Chicago, DePaul University, Columbia College, L’Università del Sacro Cuore, and L’Università degli Studi di Milano. Research interests include the study of narrative constructs of nation and nationalisms, film, gender, entre-deux-guerres European international relations, and 20th-century Italian and French poetry and prose.

2020-2021 Courses:

ITA 100Introductory Italian, Part IFALL 2020
ITA 300Advanced Italian, Part IFALL 2020
LC 497Capstone: Readings in CLCS or LitFALL 2020
CLCS 230TScience Fiction: Envisioning the Possible (Switzerland)SPRING 2021
CLCS 241Forbidden Acts: Identity Politics and PerformanceSPRING 2021
ITA 301Advanced Italian, Part IISPRING 2021
ITA 100Introductory Italian, Part ISUMMER 2021
ITA 300Advanced Italian, Part ISUMMER 2021



"Americana: The American(ized) Woman as Represented by Five Italian Directors since 1945.” Pagina Pellicola Pratica. Ed. Rebecca West. Ravenna: Angelo Longo Editore, 2000.

Works in Progress:


Myths and Counter-Myths of America in Italian Literature and Film (working title, single-authored book).

Virginio Ferrari: A Critical Anthology, 1957-2007 (working title, co-edited book). 

Awards and Honors:

I.R.E. Research Grant, Ministero degli Affari Esteri (Italy), for research on Italian-American cultural relations.

Areas of Research:

International cultural relations, identity politics, performance, contemporary visual arts, poetry, film, gender studies.