Associate Professor, Art History and Visual Communication Department Chair, Art History and Visual Communication

Ph.D. Université Paris X
M.A. Université Paris X
B.A. Université Paris X

Office: Lowerre Academic Center, North Campus, Office 15
Phone: +41 91 986 36 51

Gabriel N. Gee holds a PhD in contemporary art history from the Université Paris X Nanterre (2008). His doctoral research focused on Aesthetics and politics in the North of England from the 1980s onwards. His book Art in the North of England. 1979-2008 was published by Ashgate (now Routledge) in 2017. He joined Franklin in 2011, where he teaches contemporary art history and theory. His current research interests include 20th century British and Irish art, the changing representations and imaginaries of port cities in the second half of the 20th century, as well as interconnected global histories, with a particular interest in urban architectural representation. He recently edited with Alison Vogelaar a volume on the Changing representation of nature and the city: the 1960s-1970s and their legacies (2018). He is co-founder of the TETI group, for Textures and Experiences of Trans-Industriality (


2021-2022 Courses

AHT 102 Introduction to Art History and Visual Culture I: Antiquity to Early Renaissance FALL 2021
AHT 280 Contemporary Art: From the New York School to the Present FALL 2021
VCA 199 Desire and Consumption: The Photographic Image FALL 2021



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Book chapter:

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Selected Articles:

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