Adjunct Professor, Music History

Ph.D. University of Vienna, Austria
M.A. National Music Academy Bucharest, Romania
B.A. National Music Academy Bucharest, Romania

Office: Kaletsch Campus, Faculty Office 2
Phone: +41 91 986 53 23

Hrisanta Trebici-Marin is Adjunct Professor of Music History at Franklin University Switzerland. A Senior Researcher in Ancient and Modern Music, a music consultant and advisor, Dr. Marin is the author of numerous books and essays, articles and newspaper music reviews. She holds a PhD from the University of Vienna, Austria, and has received fellowships at Harvard University/Dumbarton Oaks Institute, University of Virginia, Charlottesville and the University of Copenhagen/Institute of Greek and Latin Medieval Philology. Her area of  specialization includes the research and transcription in modern notation of Byzantine and post-Byzantine musical manuscripts, determination of their origins and their dating. As a music consultant and program developer, she is associated since 2011 with the Cantus Mundi National Program for children in Romania. She currently trains the instructors for this educational project, based on music as a means to promote social integration.


2022-2023 Courses

CLCS 226 The Romantic Music and Literary Sources FALL 2022
MUS 206 Music History From Mozart to Mahler: Classicism, Romanticism, Modernism FALL 2022



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Liviu Brumariu, Hrisanta Trebici Marin, History of Music, volume I, Editura Grafoart, Bucharest 2021

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Trebici-Marin, H. The Theoretical Treatise of the Manuscript Mathimatarion III-88 Introduction,Transcription,Comments, UCMR Academic Press, Bucharest, Romania, 1986.

Trebici-Marin, H. The Anastasimatarion from Cluj-Napoca, Ms.1106 – Relations and Structures in theRomanian Post-Byzantine Music, Editura Muzicala, Bucharest, 1985.

Trebici-Marin, H. The Manuscript Sticherarion IV-39, Monumenta, Facsimilae et Transcripta, UCMR Academic Press, Bucharest, Romania, 1985.

Research Articles and Proceedings:

A New Approach to the Form of the Byzantine Chant – Washington, International Congress of Byzantine Studies, 1986.

Preliminary Report on the Study of Kekragaria- SCIA, tome XXXII, Romanian Academy of Science Press, Bucharest, 1985.

The Relation between Text and Melodical-Rythmical Formulas - an element of continuity in Romanian Church Music, (I), JÖB 32/7, Vienna, 1981; (II), MAEO Bydgoszcz, Poland, 1985.

Recherche de la musique psaltique,en tant que domaine de la musicologie contemporaine, Revue Roumaine d’Histoire de l'Art, tome XXI, Romanian Academy of Science Press, Bucharest, 1984.

Awards and Honors:

Franklin University Switzerland, Distinguished Teaching Professor, 2022

Professional Associations:

Cantus Mundi National Program Romania, - Music Consulting / Program Developer

Österrechische Byzantinische Gesellschaft, - Member

National Guild of Composers and Musicologists of Romania (UCMR), - Member

International Association of Byzantine Studies, - Supporting Member