Adjunct Professor, Global Marketplace, and Sales

PhD in Management
EMBA, MSc in Architecture


Dr. Marko Majer is a seasoned marketing communications professional and business educator with over 30 years of international experience. He has been sitting proverbially on two chairs all his life: he has founded and then managed for over 25 years one of the leading marketing communications agencies in Slovenia, working for blue-chip clients, such as MasterCard, Coca-Cola, Ford, Nestlé, etc. The agency team under his leadership and himself personally have received over 80 international awards for their work. The challenges of leading a diverse and demanding creative team have encouraged him to research the young generation, Millennials, as talent in the European advertising industry for his doctorate, which was subsequently also published in a book.

He currently acts as a mentor to young leaders and startups and teaches his favorite topics of marketing and leadership with special attention to digital trends and responsible behavior at FUS and some other  Swiss business schools. Marko is an avid traveler, fluent in 6 languages. He is a sports pilot and enjoys flying small aircraft around Europe, skiing and spending time outdoors.


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IEDC Alumni magazine (Bled): Hierarchically driven leadership? Not well accepted by Generation Y! Interview with Dr. Marko Majer, 2016

Marketing Magazin (Ljubljana) Cover interview: Marko Majer - Ten Thousand Hours, 2015

Over 80 international and national awards for creative excellence in marketing: the agency team and / or own personal credit, 1998 - 2018

IEDC Alumni Achievement of the Year, 2016

H.K. McCann Award for Outstanding Managerial Performance, 2005