Minor Requirements (18 Credits)

The Minor in Film Studies provides students with a solid foundation in film analysis across diverse genres and national traditions, with an introduction to film production through digital photography and video-making. What underlies the program’s approach to analysis is the practical proposition that film is primarily a visual language and that to achieve fluency students must first fully understand its grammar and vocabulary through close reading of both still and moving images. A shared philosophy joins together all Film Minor coursework: the conviction that transmedia literacy and practice currently represent an indispensable means for striving towards global citizenry and professional success in an increasingly image-based world.

Foundation Course (3 Credits)

Critical Skills Course (3 Credits)

One of the following:

AHT 270Theories and Methods in Art History and Visual Culture

Film Studies Courses (9 Credits)

Three of the following:

AHT 371Topics in Art History
CLCS 242Representations of Poverty in Literature
CLCS 250Ecocritical Approaches to Film
FRE 374Introduction to French Cinema
FRE 376French Cinema: The New Wave
GER 376Screening Swissness: An Introduction to Swiss-German Film
IS 274Italian and Italian-American Cinema
ITA 373Italian Film and Society
ITA 374Italian Cinema
ITA 375Italian Film Adaptation: From the Page to the Screen
STA 209The Video Essay: From Conception to Projection
STA 279The Video Essay and Photography on Location in Europe

No more than one of the above can overlap with other major or minor requirements.

Elective (3 Credits)

One of the following:

AHT 213Art and Ideas: Exploring Vision
AHT 216Introduction to the History of Photography
AHT 285TTechnology in Art, Visual Communication, and Fashion
AHT 362Visual Semiotics: Signs and Symbols in Art, Architecture, Film, and Fashion
CLCS 335Hauntings
COM 327Producing Digital Media: Communication and Media in Practice
STA 107Introduction to Digital Photography
STA 207Intermediate Digital Photography
STA 307Advanced Digital Photography
STA 179Photography on Location in Europe
VCA 120TDocumentary and Street Photography on Location: Munich

Film Studies Professional Portfolio (Non-Credit)

This non-credit course provides a capstone for the Film Studies minor in the form of a Film Studies professional portfolio. The portfolio will bring together the various coursework done as part of the Film Studies minor. A broad variety of disciplinary perspectives is strongly recommended and will be evaluated as part of the student’s final portfolio assessment. Specific requirements as well as design recommendations will be presented to students in LLC 120. The final portfolio work will be evaluated by an interdisciplinary team of professors who teach in the Film Studies minor. There will be a public screening showcasing student work each Spring.

Collaboration with Emerson College

Film Studies minors are eligible to participate in the Film as Fine Art in Europe course offered at Emerson College’s Kasteel Well program in the Netherlands each summer. Successful completion of this course may count as one of the three required Film Studies courses in the minor.