Minor Requirements (9 Credits)

Not open to Italian Studies majors.

Required Courses (3 Credits)

ITA 301Advanced Italian, Part II

Elective Courses (6 Credits)

Two of the following

IS 100TThe Making of an Eternal City: Rome
IS 120TItalian Tales of Courtship, Beauty, and Power
IS 274Italian and Italian-American Cinema
IS 275Modern Italian Poetry
IS 276The Italian Short Story
IS 276TThe Italian Short Story: Pianura Padana
IS 277The Italian Novel: Redefining the Canon
IS 278Italian Genre Crossings, Transmedia, and Hybridity
IS 279Italian Myths and Counter-Myths of America
IS 280TItalian Cinema on Location: Projections of the Eternal City in Italian Film and Cultural Studies
HIS 204History of Italy from the Renaissance to the Present

or any course in Italian above ITA 301 level