Minor Requirements (18 Credits)

The minor in Postcolonial Studies builds upon Franklin’s culture of travel and global citizenship by asking students to think critically about what it means to travel and live in an increasingly interconnected, yet persistently unequal world. Postcolonial Studies examines the effects of colonial encounters and structures from a transdisciplinary perspective, and thus to complete this minor students must take courses from at least three disciplines. The courses in this minor explore global power structures and the ways in which literatures and other media are produced, disseminated, and consumed in a postcolonial world.
No more than two courses can overlap with other major or minor requirements.
Students must take courses from at least three disciplines.

Foundation Courses (6 Credits)

Two of the following:

HIS 101Western Civilization II: Modern


HIS 105Global History II: Globalization, the Emergence of the Modern State, and Coping with Change

Elective Courses (9 Credits)

Three of the following (at least one at the 300 level):

CLCS 330The Politics of Mobility: Exile and Immigration
CLCS 360Critical Race Studies in a Global Context
COM 301Globalization and Media
ECN 303Development Economics
ECN 355Political Economy: Theories and Issues
FRE 324From Beur to Post-Beur Literature: Exile, Margins, and Re-Territorialization
HIS 245Worlds of Judaism
HIS 330East Asia, 1900 to the Present
HIS 351Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict in Europe
HIS 355The World and the West in the Long 19th Century
POL 377International Political Economy

Note: Courses may require prerequisites not included in the minor

Academic Travel Courses (3 Credits)

One of the following Academic Travel courses:

CLCS 238TReading the Postcolonial City: Berlin and Hamburg
CLCS 247TFrench Cultural Institutions: Power and Representation
COM 220TSymbolizing Scottish Folk
ECN 330TNeo-liberal India: Globalization and Development
HIS 275THistory of Modern Ireland: Union and Dis-union, 1798-1998