Join the Franklin University Switzerland alumni community in making a difference! We value your unique perspective and are excited to hear your views on your educational journey and experiences since graduating. Our commitment to continuous improvement and enhancing the student experience drives us to invite you to participate in the 2023 Franklin Alumni Survey. Help us shape the future of Franklin University Switzerland by sharing your opinions, staying connected, and updating us on your life and career after Franklin.

The 2023 Alumni Survey is your opportunity to provide valuable feedback on your higher education experience. Through open-ended questions, drop-down selections, opinion scales, and multiple-choice answers, you can contribute to improving university efficiency, fostering a productive learning environment, and promoting the holistic development of current and future students. Rest assured, your responses are confidential, and the survey takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.


Why Participate

By participating in the survey, you play a vital role in inspiring positive change and improvement at Franklin University Switzerland. Your feedback will help us enhance and upgrade the learning experience for current and future students, as well as target, boost, and revamp other services and programs offered by the university. Furthermore, your answers may be anonymously published on the Franklin website, allowing your voice to be heard by the wider community.

How to Participate

To access the 2023 Franklin Alumni Survey, click on the link below and enter the personal password provided to you via email or mail. If you are unable to access the survey, you can contact us writing at


Win Exciting Prizes

As a token of our appreciation, completing the survey enters you into a raffle for a chance to win exciting prizes, including a two-night stay in a hotel in Lugano. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of the draw!

Utilizing the Results

Your privacy matters to us, and we assure you that your personal information will remain confidential. The data collected will be accessible only to Franklin staff, who will use the aggregated information to support Franklin's goals. The survey results will be used to identify areas of strength and weakness, enabling us to focus on necessary improvements and upgrades to programs and services. Additionally, selected data will be shared on the Franklin website, creating a new facts and figures section for public viewing.


Letizia Stefani 22Letizia Stefani '22 

Franklin is a gateway to the world that shapes your future! It takes you on an incredible adventure of personal and professional growth. The many experiences I had at Franklin paved the way for me to better tackle difficulties also during my MA program, and I strongly believe this will be the same for my career. Franklin is a lifetime experience! ​

Conner Crawford '12Conner Crawford

Franklin University and I have a long history, ever since I first received an email from a faraway institution in Europe. The strength of its academic courses as well as its unique place in the world (not to mention an unparalleled academic travel program) ensured that I never regretted my choice to attend. The friendships I made not just with my classmates but the staff and faculty ensure that no matter where I go in the world, a Franklin connection awaits me. Our University now needs our input to shape the future! ​As a member of Franklin's Alumni Council, I know that it is more important than ever for alumni of all ages to stand up and make their voices heard. Please take the 2023 survey now so that this University that we all love and support can continue its mission now and for years to come.

Your voice matters! Join us in shaping the future of Franklin University Switzerland by participating in the 2023 Alumni Survey. Your valuable insights will pave the way for positive changes that benefit current and future students alike. We appreciate your time and commitment to making Franklin an even better place for all. Let's come together and create a stronger, more connected alumni community for years to come.