Inside Simbiosi

Noor Badr, Jeremie Belokrinickij, Andrii Bondarenko, Lexine Cantoria, Majda Halim

To start off our Green Marketing and CSR class, we got to meet with a company that incorporates sustainable actions within their business scope. We will be using this company as a basis for our project that we will be working on throughout the semester. During the first couple weeks of classes, we got to meet with the company and then brainstormed what we learned as a class to structure a proper outline for our project, and what each group will be working on throughout the semester.

On January 27th, our class visited Simbiosi to learn more about the company and its mission/values. Simbiosi is a company dedicated to creating a more sustainable future through their innovative approach to the agri-food chain. During the visit, Vincenzo Della Monica, the marketing manager at Simbiosi SRL, gave us a tour of the facilities and gave us a brief overview of how the company operates.

We had the opportunity to sit down with other managers, including sales, communications, and trade, to ask questions and learn about the company's plans for growth and expansion. We learned that their goal is to provide solutions that maximize efficiency and decrease costs while also protecting the environment. The company is made up of four business units, which include Farm, Technology, Renewable Energy, and an Innovation Center. Each unit is dedicated to a specific aspect of the agri-food chain, and they work together to provide comprehensive solutions for their clients. However, an interesting fact discovered was that Simbiosi has no direct competitors, except for manufacturing companies that sell the technological components to businesses.

Their main target audience are other businesses, and they approach them by leveraging their network. As of now, the company uses LinkedIn, Newsletters, and Media Channels to reach potential clients in order to promote their products and services. By using journalists and media companies, they strive to convey a clear message and acknowledgment to stakeholders by stating how nature and the environment are the key motivations that drive their journey.

Overall, the visit to Simbiosi was a valuable experience for our class, as it allowed us to see the company in action and to get a more in-depth understanding of the company's mission. We learned about the importance of sustainability in the agri-food chain, their strive for a circular economy, and how Simbiosi is working to promote environmental protection and biodiversity.


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