Strategic Communication in the Media: a visit to Wetube and RSI

Lola Spector ‘23

On April 4th, students from Professor Martinisi's Strategic Communication in the Media course were able to go to the Wetube studios in Lugano Besso and meet with Lhayla Blendinger, Catarina Sousa and Christian Testoni to learn about Wetube, and how we as students are able to engage with the space. Wetube is an open space for creativity where people within the community are able to come, create, and collaborate on many different projects. Not only is it a very professional environment for podcast making, but it can also be used for filming, and photography. They provide production resources to allow people of any age and skill level to be able to brainstorm, create, and edit any project of their choosing. 

This was a great way to take the skills the class has been learning about podcasting into a professional environment. Lhayla was able to share many useful tips that she has learned throughout her time working at Wetube which was very beneficial and allowed for the class to have a grasp on what it means to be a podcaster. Along with that every person in the class was able to practice using the equipment so that they were well versed on how everything within the studio works. It was a great way to be immersed into the world of podcasting and see first hand how the process plays out from conceptualizing a project, to recording it, and to one day sharing it with the world.

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