LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura | Piazza Bernardino Luini 6, 6900 Lugano
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Lugano Arte e Culture (LAC) is set to host an extraordinary cultural event on Thursday, 29 February, featuring a collaboration that spans continents and cultures. This event, part of a unique joint project between FUS and LAC, will be attended by 20 students from Franklin University Switzerland, led by Distinguished Professor of Music Hrisanta Trebici-Marin. The students, part of the newly launched Sound of Movement course (MUS 214), will have the opportunity to witness a groundbreaking fusion of dance traditions and storytelling.

The highlight of the event is the collaboration between the Pina Bausch Foundation in Germany, the École des Sables in Senegal, and Sadler's Wells theatre in the United Kingdom. This partnership brings together diverse dance forms and narratives, showcasing the power of dance to bridge cultural divides.

Attendees will be treated to a performance of "La Sagra della Primavera" [The Rite of Spring] (1975), a key work by the legendary Pina Bausch, a trailblazer in dance theatre. This piece, performed by dancers from African nations, is a faithful rendition of Stravinsky's composition (1913). The choreography explores a powerful ritual signaling the transition from winter to spring, culminating in a dramatic and symbolic sacrifice. The performance, set on a stage covered with earth, captures the essence of natural cycles and the intensity of ancient rites.

The evening also features "common ground[s]", a new collaborative work by Germaine Acogny, often referred to as "the mother of contemporary African dance," and Malou Airaudo, a former Tanztheater Wuppertal member and collaborator with Pina Bausch. This duet is a poetic exploration of their lives and artistic journeys, reflecting on their roles as choreographers, educators, and mothers. It's a narrative that transcends dance, delving into shared human experiences and connections.

This event at LAC is not just a celebration of dance but an exploration of its role as a universal language that connects different cultures and histories. It's an opportunity for the Franklin University Switzerland community and other attendees to experience the richness of global dance heritage and the transformative power of the arts in bridging cultural gaps in an economically globalized world.”