The University joined forces with Swiss Club FF Lugano and other local teams as part of the Prep Academy Sport System (PASS), a program that allows young athletes to train with FF Lugano and enjoy the competitive advantages of a top European soccer club.

Such unique collaboration has recently been featured in the Washington Post, where Emanuele Gaiarin, FF Lugano’s President, remarked upon the need of integrating education into the program with the idea of “someday drawing college-aged players for semesters or years at a time.” Notably, PASS offers first class training and, at the same time, the opportunity for student athletes to travel and study abroad for a year, a semester or for the summer.

Franklin, by being one of the partners, welcomes student athletes to join their tight knit international community in Lugano where athletes can benefit from living in residence halls close to campus and work closely with academic advisors, helping them progress with their coursework. Participants will be able to choose from a number of courses offered at Franklin so as to further their development both academically and athletically.

See Program for Athletes to find out more about the program and how to apply.