Franklin Alumna Juliette Cooper '17 found a career where she could make a tangible difference everyday, by working at Uncommon Schools in Brooklyn, New York.

Juliette entered Franklin as an History major, though her innate passion for the numerous nuances of education brought her to be very active with extra curricular activities on and off campus. “I tutored local kids in English in all three years, served on the Honors Society executive board for two years, and worked as a Resident Assistant my senior year. Russell Martin, Assistant Dean of Residence Life and Student Programming at Franklin, spent a lot of time teaching us RAs professional and administrative skills which I now use everyday in my current job.”

In her role of Special Projects Coordinator at Uncommon Schools, Juliette remarked how "the Excellence Girls Charter School is dedicated to ensure that young girls of color receive the rigorous and compassionate education they deserve to lead a life filled with opportunity. As part of the Operations team, I am wearing a lot of hats, including arranging bussing for students with special requirements, organizing field trips around the city, planning family events, and coordinating the state assessments and standardized testing. We have seen really good results all the way through high school in reading, writing, and math."

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