William Wallace '20 wrote to the Franklin community about the grounding of this semester's Academic Travel.

"Given the disappointing but understandable decision to cancel Academic Travel in line with the advice from the Cantonal Government, I offer my thoughts as a Franklin Senior to be shared with the community. Academic Travel represents one of the many unique opportunities that makes Franklin a special place, but our community is really what makes Franklin an exciting and welcoming place to be. Even though I wish that Academic Travel had been possible, my philosophy going forward with the final half of my final semester at Franklin is to enjoy the time I get to spend in Lugano with the Franklin community and actively choose to do so, rather than losing time being upset about circumstances beyond my control. As a graduating senior I am grateful for the travels I have already experienced, for those with more semesters ahead at Franklin, you have more Academic Travel opportunities ahead, try to look forward to them. Even if this is your only semester here, remember the amazing opportunity you have had to study and explore Switzerland: take advantage of the opportunity to explore the region independently. Even though we are faced with this disappointment, let's enjoy the time we have together this semester and make the most of the semester, especially once midterms have passed and we can look forward to the rest of the semester – the upcoming Spring break, our annual SGA/OSL/Student-Organization events, and much more."

William WallaceClass of 2020