Franklin's acceptance into SUSA means students will have new opportunities to play team sports in the near future.

Good news, sports fans! On March 18th, we received confirmation that Franklin University Switzerland was accepted into the Swiss University Sports Association (SUSA). This means FUS access to local and even international university sporting events just got much greater.

SUSA comprises 15 local higher education sports organizations (HSO) with a total of 200,000 students. They offer more than 80 different sports at the lower levels. Top athletes go on to compete in about 30 sports disciplines, at events such as the Swiss University Championships and the European Universities Games. In addition to organizing the 2021 Winter Universiade in Lucerne, SUSA is working with partners to advance the major initiatives of 'Elite Sport & Studies'. Perhaps most impressive, SUSA is a partner with Swiss Olympic - the Swiss branch of the world Olympics.

Our Recreational Sports and Student Engagement Coordinator, Aniello De Lucia had been working on securing a spot for us for a year now as part of his plan to invigorate our sports and recreation programs. Now, he can begin exploring the options that will soon be open to our students.

“We have the opportunity to meet with colleagues and plan events together,” says Coordinator De Lucia. In fact, he is already in talks with the athletics department at Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) to prepare future events. This is certainly something to look forward to later in the year and beyond.