A bit of good news regarding the general situation here in Ticino and in Switzerland. The Federal government announced a three-step plan to begin restoring a more normal rhythm, starting at the end of this month. The rate of new infections has slowed significantly, and the measures taken to slow the spread of the virus are proving to be effective. While Franklin students and faculty won’t be able to go back to the classroom before the end of regular Spring term, we await the decision of the cantonal authorities regarding our June session.

In the meantime, the current restrictions remain in place: until May 4, all residents of Ticino need to continue social distancing and following the norms for hygiene and hand washing. The Canton of Ticino will communicate additional measures and alleviate some restrictions next week. For more information on the measures in place please check the Coronavirus Updates section on the website: www.fus.edu/coronavirus.