Want to know the Top 5 Reasons to be at Franklin this Summer?

Celebrate our 50th Anniversary with us! Special discount packages are available to summer students! Now, on to our list of more reasons to spend your summer with FUS…

  • We Offer Flexible Options

    Given the COVID-19 restrictions on travel, we have designed a hybrid learning model with online options so that anyone who qualifies can share in the Franklin experience this Summer. High school students may study Economics with a new, 100% online course. Undergraduates who are unable to be physically present on campus, have the option to take any of our regular undergraduate courses online. If travel and in-class learning become possible prior to, or over the course of the term, online students are welcome to come to campus and complete their courses in the classroom.

  • You’ll Make International Connections

    Franklin students, faculty, and staff come from over 50 different countries. You won’t just engage on interesting topics here, you will meet people with mutual interests from many different cultures. Learn how others see the world, how to find the common ground among you, and develop the cooperative skills which many of our graduates attribute to their career success. You never know who you’ll meet and what kinds of opportunities will open up to you through the friendships you will make. We have a global network of over 7,000 alumni. Once a Frankliner, always a Frankliner!

  • Challenge Yourself!

    Our Summer 2020 courses are rigorous, deep dives into a variety of subjects. Courses are taught by full-time, published, university professors who are passionate experts in the subjects they teach. Want a moderate challenge? Undergrads can take one course (morning or afternoon) and spend the rest of your free time enjoying gorgeous Switzerland. Or, sign up for both morning and afternoon sessions – you will still have your weekends to explore our nearby lakes and mountains! The memories and the lessons learned here will stay with you forever. Expand your world and become the person you are meant to be.

  • Switzerland is Safe, Modern, and Convenient

    Switzerland has a reputation for being one of the top places in the world to live, and not just for its incredible beauty. There are no crazy politics, no natural disasters. We have a thriving, stable economy with an advanced infrastructure. If you come to Lugano, you’ll have access to clean, reliable transportation, and, in case you should ever need them, state-of-the-art medical facilities. The Swiss people are known for being cooperative, friendly, and organized. In a world where many things feel uncertain or out of control, it’s nice to feel that you live in a peaceful environment where everything works!

  • The Franklin Campus Benefits

    Where to begin? Frankliners praise our living facilities for being spacious, with kitchenettes and private bathrooms, that really feel like a home away from home. Our two dining centers serve locally-sourced foods in a variety of dishes to satisfy your cravings and keep your energy up. Athletic students can take advantage of our soccer field and indoor basketball court, go hiking and rock-climbing in the Swiss alps, or swimming in our clean, sparkling, Alpine lakes. University staff members are always ready to take care of your needs, whether ensuring accessibility, offering emotional support, or helping you find things to do outside of class. Enjoy extracurricular activities such as cooking demonstrations, movie nights, and sporting events. Do it all with your new friends from around the world!

  • One summer at Franklin University Switzerland will earn you university credits, global connections, and memories to last a lifetime. Study at Franklin this summer!