Are you considering a career in law? Franklin approves a new Minor in Legal Studies.

Are you considering a career in law? Building on the strength of several core departments and continued interest of graduates in the legal fields, FUS has approved the addition of a Minor in Legal Studies. Soon, you will have the option to prepare for your legal career at Franklin University Switzerland.To construct an effective program, we evaluated the prerequisites for admittance to law schools. The key requirement is a good LSAT score, at least when applying to law programs at schools that follow the US approach. This test, according to the Law School Admissions Council, “is designed specifically to assess critical reading, analytical reasoning, logical reasoning, and persuasive writing skills — key skills needed for success in law school.” As a liberal arts university, Franklin is already teaching these skills, and many graduates have remarked on how vital they are to a successful career.Our new minor will add a foundation course: Legal Studies and the Study of Law. This will be complemented by a variety of elective and required courses to provide a suitably wide base of knowledge. All courses will focus on learning objectives relevant to skills tested in the LSAT, while also exposing students to legal cases and content. To further increase your odds, we intend to develop a partnership with a dedicated LSAT preparation company and provide a short prep course, either on-line or on-site. Franklin is always looking for new and better ways to give our students the tools they need to be the leaders of tomorrow. Adding this Minor in Legal Studies will offer greater academic value to students considering FUS as a pathway to success.