Life at Franklin University Switzerland, from the Freshman Point-of-View


People have forgotten what a fun thing life is - especially students. They are so focused on the future – on becoming the brave, creative thinkers and fearless explorers they want to be – that they forget to enjoy the journey. But, the more time I spend at Franklin, the more I think it is different here.

We do seek miracles. We go after the unknown. Sometimes we believe “as many as six impossible things before breakfast" as the White Queen says in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Possibly, Franklin University Switzerland is like Wonderland, and we all are Alices. The upperclassmen have been here longer, so they are more experienced and already know things. How much of a certain elixir do I need to grow taller? Which cake can I eat to raise my GPA? We freshmen are still learning the secrets of this magical place, but one thing is certain: Franklin University Switzerland is special.

Coming here for the first time really felt like going through the Rabbit Hole into an exotic world, full of new colors and new people. It was a little scary at first. With time, walking down the paths of this place, I realized that Franklin is more than just an academic institution. Franklin University Switzerland means family. By saying that, I mean FAMILY. Franklin people have fire in them that not only shows in their desire to learn more and reach academic excellence, but also in their readiness to explore all the wonders that the world has to offer. We are always there for each other. We always will be.


I have been continuously told since elementary school that an academic institution should be a home for its students. Now that my Freshman year is over, I know that I have a home at Franklin. This is no longer just a nice idea, it is my reality. Franklin is a home for its students because of what it means to us, not because we have to live on campus. Franklin University Switzerland shapes us, and we shape Franklin - and that is what makes FUS and us Falcons unique. We are the “ride or die” type of people - each of us in his own way. We are the people who follow our passions and we are not afraid to jump into the Rabbit Hole.