COVID-19 Update: Switzerland Reopens EU/EFTA Borders after June 15


The Swiss Federal Council has announced a further easement of measures to allow more businesses and institutions to reopen in Switzerland. This is the third and final phase of the national plan to reopen the country and get the economy back on track. 

As of today, Monday, June 8, students and faculty members who are in Lugano may return to the classroom again. Franklin’s academic buildings, library, athletic, administrative buildings, and facilities will be open for special summer hours, in accordance with current COVID-19 prevention guidelines and hygiene rules. For students and faculty who are not able to be on campus at this time, Franklin is providing a hybrid model to accommodate remote learning in conjunction with the regular classroom experience.In the hospitality sector, casinos, amusement parks, animal parks, zoos and botanic gardens, spas, swimming pools, and summer tourism businesses can reopen.  Large events and sporting competitions of no more than 300 participants will be permitted to take place, as long as organizers put into place a set of precautionary measures. Organizations and members must observe the rules on hygiene and social distancing. For more information about the new measures, see the full list here.Furthermore, the Swiss Federal Council will lift coronavirus-imposed restrictions at its borders with all European Union and EFTA countries, including the United Kingdom, starting on June 15. The easing of further restrictions will be decided on 24 June.