Meet your FUS Social Media Ambassadors Abigail, Diana and Hava who will help you get to know Franklin better.

Meet Abigail, Diana and Hava, and discover Franklin University Switzerland! Social Media Ambassadors are Franklin students who engage with the student community and share their experiences on social media in order to show you what it's like to study at Franklin. Learn more about the FUS community through the eyes of our students and understand what it truly means to be a Falcon! Let’s meet our new Ambassadors!


Abigail Jones, Senior, Class of 2021

From: Issaquah, Washington, U.S.A.

Major: International Economics

Interests: skiing, traveling, Franklin events, spending time with friends

Ambassador Goals:

  • My main goal is to represent the values that the Franklin community believes in, such as our determination for success, our diversity (which allows for different perspectives), and our sense of community. These values help each student to grow as a person and expand their minds to new ideas.
  • I will highlight the activities in which the Franklin community participates.

“I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and coming to school at Franklin has already made me a better person. I love the diverse learning community here. Franklin University Switzerland has many activities on campus such as Arab Night, Sporting Events with the new Franklin Falcons basketball team, and lectures from distinguished guest speakers. The memories I have created and the people I have met at Franklin are shaping me as a person.”


Diana Gerber, Senior, Class of 2021

From: San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Major: Communications and Media studies

Minor: Marketing

Interests: languages, cultures, and traveling

Ambassador Goals:

  • I will represent the Franklin student experience, online.
  • I will grow the FUS community on social media to create a sense of inclusion, on and off-campus.

“As I always say, change is good. My interests played a big role in my decision to move to the other side of the world and start my university life. The environment at Franklin is full of support and ambition, which makes me motivated to dream big! I have definitely found the right place to pursue what I love.”


Hava Mansouri, Senior, Class of 2021

From: Tehran, Iran

Combined Major: History and Management

Interests: yoga, traveling, drawing and painting, listening to and making music, writing, and teaching

Ambassador Goals:

  • My main goal is to more closely connect the Franklin community with the local Ticinese community. I’d like to help students get more involved here, so I plan to create opportunities through events with local businesses.
  • I will represent our POC community members by focusing on the diversity in our community.
  • I will establish a regular, FUS open mic night. I believe this will create space for students to share their diverse voices and backgrounds, and their art, while meeting and bonding with the community.

“Living in different environments since I was young really opened the door for me to get to know different people, cultures, and ways of living. This diversity and openness that I craved was precisely what lead me to Franklin in 2017. I’ve always been interested in seemingly contradictory fields, but Franklin has taught me how every discipline is actually connected in one way or another. I love that.”