Tina Karme wants to make sustainable changes in the business world; begins her MSIM degree this fall


“Global issues require global solutions. We need to innovate.” Like many students these days, Tina Karme, ’21 MSIM, is looking for proactive, sustainable ways in which she can personally contribute to a better world. A Certified Management Consultant from Finland, Tina is already familiar with the current business climate. She knows that change will not be easy.

“I strongly believe change is needed globally, but …a theory or idea is only as good as how well it gets integrated and implemented in the things we do. One very good strategy researcher taught me that your strategy or idea might be the most brilliant one ever, but if no one understands it or knows what it means in practice, it becomes meaningless.”

Tina’s dream is to support organizations in a way that makes sense for them, so they can make the needed changes, and make them last. To do that, she needed a program that would help her become better at bridging the gap between scientific research and the practitioners using newly developed methods. She needed a university that fully understands the challenges facing business today while offering a liberal arts point of view. 

After exploring her options, she chose to apply to Franklin for its unique combination of strong academics and multi-cultural environment. “We need people and perspectives that broaden our moral imagination… blurring the perception of ‘right for all or wrong for all’. A multi-cultural and international surrounding allows us to practice skills where we can learn how to moderate and nurture such situations and promote integration.

“I reached out to Franklin University Switzerland, and my request was welcomed by warmth and positivity. This encouraged me to try. The financial and time investment is something that was making me doubtful… but I want to emphasize the word INVESTMENT. This is an investment, not only in my future, but in the future of all I can support in making sense of the change that is needed.”

Tina starts the MSIM program this fall, but it has already had an impact on her. By discovering Franklin, Tina learned of the #GoodAfterCOVID19 project, which was co-founded by FUS Dean of Executive Education and Global Outreach, Carlo Giardinetti. This mutual desire for positive change was exactly the kind of initiative Tina was seeking. She was so inspired that she decided to hold her own GoodAfterCOVID19 event.

“Suddenly, I realized how few people in Finland knew about the initiative. I wanted to change this and allow them to get inspired as well. I believe dialogue is key. Change comes from the small things and actions we do today – I can spread the word so that other countries get the discussion going. Who knew that a person like me could make a difference in others’ way of viewing the COVID-19 crisis?”

Franklin knows! Many students like Tina arrive, full of ideas and determination, but unsure of how to move forward. For the last 50 years, Franklin’s goal has been to bring people from different backgrounds and cultures together, so they can learn to work side by side and build the bonds that will lead to a better world. We provide the practical knowledge and experience you need to make your dreams come true.

You can make a difference too. Join Tina and the rest of the Franklin community - we are investing in the future to make lasting, positive change. Check out the undergraduate and graduate programs at FUS today!