Orientation is a fun and useful introduction to the Franklin experience. Our program includes tips on campus life and academics, plus cultural and social sessions. Our goal is to help students and their families get a solid start as members of the Franklin community. Along with going virtual, we have made some improvements for the future.

Orientation Groups

“Even though COVID has created challenges, it’s an opportunity for us to explore some virtual pathways to help students connect with each other,” says Russell Martin, Franklin’s Assistant Dean of Residence Life and Student Programming. Instead of the usual social events, each incoming student has been assigned to an orientation group which reflects the international and interdisciplinary nature of Franklin.

“We’re offering Zoom calls to welcome groups and start people talking with each other. It’s a way to meet neighbors safely while in quarantine. By the time they go to class, students will already have a rapport with some of their classmates.”

Changing the timeline

In the past, placement testing, advising and registration for courses took place on campus. Given the challenges of doing Orientation virtually this year, these preparations were done prior to students’ arrival. Placement tests for math and writing were migrated to an online format and conducted in August. Students received results and then met with their academic advisors online. With registration complete, the focus of Orientation will be on connecting with others and learning the basics of life at Franklin.

Virtual Orientation

Much of the information provided during Orientation has been converted to video. The series covers many topics ranging from “Recycling and Trash” to “How to get around on Public Transportation." Available on-demand through the student portal, the videos can also be used for reference by current and future students.

Arriving on campus

Thanks to the efforts of our Franklin volunteers, students can watch a first-person video of what they will see as they get off the plane in Milan or Zurich. The videos will take them through the airport and help them find the right bus or train to Lugano.

Trained Orientation Mentors will welcome newcomers at a check-in point in the Lugano train station. Mentors will coordinate students’ arrival to their assigned housing, where many will need to quarantine for 10 days.

Once students are settled in, Orientation Mentors and Resident Assistants will be checking in to answer questions and make sure students have what they need.

Don’t forget to download the mandatory Swisscovid app (for android or iPhone), which is explained in this short video. You may also want to learn about the latest Franklin Coronavirus Information and Updates and the Resources available.