Learn how the executive team of Deloitte Switzerland helps businesses survive by adapting to the macrotrends affecting modern industries, and why a career in consulting might be right for you.

Time moves steadily forward, whether we are ready for the changes it brings or not. How businesses adapt to the changing world determines not only their level of success but, in many cases, their survival.

For this reason, industry leaders rely on consultants to help them make the right choices. On Friday, September 11, the executive team of Deloitte Consulting Switzerland (DCS) spoke to Franklin students about the macrotrends and challenges that modern industries face. Carlo Giardinetti, Dean of Continuing Education and Global Outreach, organized and moderated the event attended by students who seemed eager to engage these top-tier experts.

The first half of the event began with an honest talk by Franklin alum Adam Stanford ‘92, now Managing Partner and Executive Board member of DCS. Stanford shared his insights with those who might be considering a career in consulting, based on his 30+ years in the field. Being the best of the best means dedicating oneself almost completely to the job, especially in the early years.

People become consultants for a variety of reasons, but they stay or return to consulting because of the stimulating environment. They must stay on top of trends that reflect world events, the latest technological developments and market demand.

In addition to Stanford, DCS was represented by Executive Heads from the fields of Banking, Life Sciences, Business Strategy, Insurance and Digital Transformation. Each speaker presented one or two of the main challenges in their industries today and answered questions from curious attendees.

Cyrill Kiefer, Executive Head of Banking Industry for DCS, offered an example: you see a lot of banks on the street, but aside from visiting an ATM, how many people go into a bank these days? Most would prefer to use digital banking, and yet, apps can be very difficult to use. The challenge is for banks to create easy-to-use, secure, multi-service apps that replace the need for trips to your local branch and complicated paperwork.

Because industry is constantly chasing new technological, social and political developments, the greatest overall challenge seems to be how companies can adapt quickly enough to meet client demand in a way that works for those involved. That’s where consultants can be invaluable.

How can you become a successful consultant? Determination. You can develop all the soft skills you need, right here at Franklin University Switzerland. Try new things to discover and develop your core strengths. Take advantage of the opportunities around you to connect with people from different cultures and backgrounds and build your global network. Learn how to work with a team and effectively problem-solve through course assignments.