The New Building Project's Phase 3 complex has now risen through the second floor and will soon be a central resource for the University.

A new part of the Franklin University Switzerland campus is quickly emerging from the ground. Two stories of underground parking and the massive substructure for five stories of student residences have been completed. It is the Phase 3 complex, designed by the internationally renowned Milan studio, Flaviano Capriotti Architetti, and it will be a historic step forward for the University.

The complex will complete the campus, bringing students, staff and faculty together in a structure that offers state-of-the-art facilities for the campus community.  It will include a student center, offices for the student-life staff, health center, career center, the Taylor Institute, flexible classroom spaces that can hold up to one hundred people, a brand-new Tone Athletic Center and new modern residences for the students.


Construction TimelapseJune 2019 - December 2020

The “Tower” will be one of the most striking features of the complex. This modern, elliptical building will be made of glass and covered by innovative mechanical photovoltaic louvers that will protect the building from the heat of the sun while protecting the planet by converting the sunlight into clean energy.

The outside of the building has now risen through the second floor, giving us a glimpse of its evocative, modern façade. The complex faces Via Ponte Tresa and its architectonic presence will provide a highly visible “face” for Franklin.

The Phase 3 project is central to the University’s mission to provide students with advanced educational opportunities and excellence in student life. The University is proud to celebrate this transformational moment in its history and looks forward to opening the doors to a new Franklin future.