Classes are still carried out mainly remotely for those of you who need more time to get here due to travel restrictions or for those in quarantine.

The Spring 2021 semester recently kicked off on January 18 as scheduled. Please check the academic calendar for dates and details.

Classes are still carried out mainly remotely for those of you who need more time to get here due to travel restrictions or for those in quarantine. Your professors are working hard to guarantee an effective learning experience for those both on campus and off. Please make an effort to communicate directly and in a timely manner with your professors and inform them if there are any difficulties with virtual classes or if you are in quarantine. For now and per the federal guidelines, classes are meeting remotely unless your professor has let you know otherwise, and specifically in the case of small seminars and lab courses. For those students in the classroom, we remind you to social distance and wear masks in all common areas.

IMPORTANT: students returning from these countries will have to quarantine for ten days upon arrival. This list, provided by the federal government, has recently been updated on January 20. Keep in mind that quarantine is necessary even in the case of a negative test result and a COVID-19 vaccination. Current students should check the Moodle site for details. Rest assured, Franklin is by your side in the case of quarantine, making sure you are comfortable in your dorm room, are eating well, and staying connected.

Safety Precautions

To help ensure the safety of our community, we have implemented several safety precautions. This includes the frequent and rigorous cleaning of common areas and classrooms. We have numerous stations for disinfecting your hands. Please make good use of them. Likewise, you will see indications for keeping a distance of 1.5 meters from others. Please be sure to follow these directions when on campus.

Masks are required in the indoor common areas and where social distancing cannot be observed effectively outdoors. This is also true outside the campus, in Switzerland masks are compulsory in all public and indoor spaces, public transportation included. For purposes of sustainability, please bring at least one mask with you. Ideally, it will be reusable/washable.

Check out the handy videos the Swiss government has provided on wearing and caring for masks effectively here:

How to wear a face mask correctly

How to use a fabric face-covering correctly

Please be aware of the new safety measures that apply throughout all of Switzerland starting from January 18. Check out more details on new official measures and ordinances here.

Adapting to new constrains and remaining socially distant is not easy, but be sure to stay connected and engaged as a community throughout these difficult times. Franklin is by your side.

The SwissCovid tracing app

What is Switzerland doing about COVID-19 tracing? Switzerland has developed a COVID-19 app to help contain the virus by tracking the infections. Franklin asks you to download the app (Android/iPhone) and learn its easy use in this short video. Your participation will help keep our entire community safe.

Learn more on SwissCovid app.

Academic Travel – Spring 2021

Spring 2021 Academic Travel is scheduled to begin in March. All groups will be traveling as planned but within the Schengen area, and specifically within Switzerland or a neighboring country to facilitate a quick return if needed. If the destination for your Academic Travel has changed, you should have already been informed by your professor. As indicated in the schedule above, Academic Travel will also be shortened slightly. Please know we are doing our very best to balance your safety, that of the faculty and the integrity of the Academic Travel experience. As always, your professors are going above and beyond to make this experience meaningful and enriching.

Meal Plans

Remember to purchase your meal plans so that you can order on-campus food. This is especially necessary for those of you in quarantine. Please note that Franklin can only provide quarantine meal support for on-campus students. A list of local resources available for take-away and delivery is available on the Moodle site.